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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hello ~ I'm Making My Way Back...

Hello Lovelies:

I know it's been a while since I last posted here and visited many of you, thank you for all the emails and PM asking how I was doing -  know I'm slowly working my way back. There have been lots of changes happening all around me; some by choice, others not so much. In the midst of the chaos I launched the Resilientista Magazine (which I'll share more about on it's own future post); and my calendar has been filled with lots of community service, and taking care of my health & wellness.

As I reviewed all that was on my desk, I realized that I was in need of some serious streamlining for my well being, so I started to look at ways to do this. Writing two blogs was really overwhelming and so I have decided to only blog here. And will be restructuring Resilientista to better reflect the direction it is taking, which will no longer include a blog section. But don't worry lovelies, it is remaining self care , self love, and creating the life you want to be living in the next chapter of  your life -  focused. It will also be highlighting some extraordinary women who are passionate about helping women live their best life - can't wait to share all the fabulousness with you!!

Since I will be a little wrapped up finalizing the restructuring of Resilientista over the next couple of months, I'm sharing below some of the most popular posts from Resilientista Musings, you may not have seen or perhaps would enjoy reading again. 

I'm looking forward to being back to the blogging world very soon. 

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Oh, having to write two blogs is indeed an overwhelming task!
    We all just don't have the time in a given day/week for accomplishing it all.
    Today was a rainy day and I enjoyed a lovely lunch with a dear friend.
    That is self care at its very best!
    Since it was raining cats and dogs, no biking this afternoon.
    Instead I did clean up a big file of over 12 years time about our French Yves Delorme linens and down duvets.
    Trashed most of it and put some interesting photos and tips on my Pinterest.
    Decluttering our PC at times is also a must. One is surprised how many links have become invalid and businesses no longer exist.
    Life goes on and we're IN it and must somehow row with the flow.
    As long as we don't have to swim up-stream like the salmons, we will get there!!
    Hugs to you dear friend,

  2. Celia, I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store with all of your projects. And I have something fabulous in the works for you right now. I can't wait to send you my completed piece with photographs!


    1. Looking forward for you to send it!! So excited <3

  3. Renewing - refreshing - reinvention - reawakening - reviving. You sound like you're going through a love of "R's"!! It's another R - raw - but it will soon become radiant, ravishing, reaffirming, real, and you will become reborn, reclaiming your life, and recognizing more of yourself than ever before.

    RADICAL, (wo)MAN! You are going to fall in love with life and yourself, more and more. The positive feedback and people around you will set you free to discover who you can been without the stress you've been in and under. I suspect you will fall in love with YOU. I suspect you are going to find out you are MUCH healthier now both in thoughts about yourself and confidence in things you do. I can't WAIT to see who you become once you've been totally set free.

    1. I like your Rs!! Thank you for your encouraging words <3


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