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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why I love City Living ~ flower shops

One of the things I have missed about not being at the country home is the gardens. But let's face it with the cold temps ... the flowers there have been gone for some time. In the city however, you can enjoy nature's beautiful colours and creations all year long! Courtesy of the fabulous flower shops. One of my favourite areas for flower shops is on Avenue Road - when I lived in the city full time I looked forward to my weekly (or bi-weekly depending on the flowers I had chosen) visits.

On a recent visit I came away with 4 bouquets!! - for just under $25.00

Look at these lovelies!!!!

I was able to create 8 beautiful arrangements to add colour throughout my home in the city. Beautiful!!! What do you think?
 These autumn coloured sunflowers were breath taking !
Unfortunately they only lasted about a week :(

When I purchase lilies I try to make sure not all blooms are open ...

The blooms opened up one by one over a 2 week period.
 this is almost 2 weeks after purchase!!! 

Can't wait to go back and replenish!!

Do you keep fresh cut flowers in your home year round?

 photo a7ceed8b-ce4f-45e6-8e44-5208e41b8eab_zps61970480.jpg
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  1. What a rainbow display at the flower stand, and you got a wealth of flowers for a bargain price! I usually buy a bouquet each week, or sometimes pick one from the garden. Saturday I bought 12 stems of zinnias for $5 at our local farmer's market. I picked stems in many colors. Bouquets light up a room, I agree.

  2. Beautiful. ♥ glad you are enjoying the city. Yes, flowers brighten up the winter doldrums for sure! Miss you.

  3. I adore fresh cut flowers and anytime I run across them for sale, I always buy some I love them all over the house! Your's are just beautiful!

  4. Yes!!! And being able to walk to them!! {with a Starbucks in hand....}

  5. Beautiful flowers! So colorful, and don't they just put you into a different frame of mind when you're surrounded by their glorious colors and blooms!

  6. Dearest Celia,
    How blessed you are for having this nearby! Looks like a lot of Dutch influence and I bet...
    Even the prices are very Dutch too. Here in the south flowers are never of great, lasting quality. But what can we do?!
    Enjoy yours, that to me was back in the Netherlands always the optimal joy for weekend. Flowers in a vase after the home got cleaned. Don't have that luxury anymore; no cleaning lady here...


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