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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning Tea and a Little Bling for Spring

Good Morning and welcome to over a cup of tea ...

 I recently treated myself to a little bling from Luxuria ...

and when the package arrived it contained a little extra surprise. What could this be?

Voila!  .... a tea care package of Royal tea ... Twinings calming camomile & spiced apple ; restoring echinacea  and raspberry.

You haven't heard of Luxuria? Well darlings let me introduce you over tea.... 

Easter and spring is a wonderful reminder of the power and blessings of new beginnings - so the restoring echinacea and raspberry tea.
The sun is really making an effort to peek through today and my little cup from Spice of Life is perfect for today's tea.

To accompany our tea this morning some scrumptious Easter themed mini-donuts ...

Mr. Rabbit is happy to share ... which treat will you choose (the eggs are chocolate)..Yum!!

Now let me introduce you to Vanessa of the blog Luxuria, who is the founder of Luxuria Jewellery Boutique. Each designer at the heart of Luxuria draws their inspiration from many sources throughout the Cote D'Azur, Ibiza, Amalfi Coast and Capri. Creating beautiful pieces which are pleasing to the eye and are effortlessly chic. Think, gemstones of sumptuous colours and texture, high quality gold and silver, the sparkle of Swarovski crystals and the elegance of freshwater pearls.

I know you are curious to see what was inside my Luxuria bag ....

These beauties .... 

I had been eyeing these beautiful earrings for some time and almost waited to long to make them mine. Unlike mass produced pieces ... all pieces in the Luxuria collection are hand crafted and available in limited quantities. I'm so pleased to have not waited a second longer to order these.

If you haven't been over to the Luxuria Jewellery Boutique click here, to see the current fabulous collection. Remember each piece is handcrafted and therefore quantities are limited - so if you see a piece that calls to you don't hesitate to make it yours.

Thank you Vanessa for the soothing tea and I can't wait to wear my new beauties!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Hugs and Blessings

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  1. Gorgeous jewelery pieces!!!!
    And as always you share such delicate porcelain. Precious things that keep precious memories and feelings.
    I hope Spring will come soon to here and it'll bring new beginnings for me (I've been soooo down).
    Happy Easter my dearest Celia!!! Love and blessings your way.

  2. Good morning Celia,
    Happy Easter! What a sweet teacup and it's perfect for spring. Those donuts are so cute; especially the bird nest with coconut and eggs. Your earrings are very pretty and the tea sounds wonderful. Thanks for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


  3. Happy Day after Easter. I love that teacup. And what a treat to find the special gift of tea!

  4. A cute teacup for this week, and such yummy looking treats. Your new earrings are gorgeous and the tea included was a nice surprise.

  5. What a cute spring tea! Darling teacup and yummy sweets! Love your earrings!

  6. What oh Celia, what could be better than a cuppa tea and a little bling?! Enjoy!!

  7. Hello Celia,
    Wow! Tea, tea cups and jewelry! Fab! Your newest earrings are amazingly beautiful. I can already imagine your summer dress and shoes! lol!
    The new tea is a real treat! And they sent them as an extra? Wow again!
    That is a sweet tea cup you are using today, and your Easter treats so pretty and delicious!

  8. Lovely jewelry...and it goes so nicely with the tea :). Love your bunny accessories as well, thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Celia: I will have to go visit your friends site. I love tea and bling! Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  10. Can't wait to go visit Vanessa's blog! After doing a total house clean and giving away a ton of stuff, I kept things that were meaningful to me (Grandmother's antique rose vases) or beautiful (mom's Norwegian 24k gold demitasse cups) or made me smile (whimsical teapots) or things I use (vintage silver and place settings). Alpha Hubby's and my thought process is to live that life of luxury and beauty, keeping to the Zen of it and while we may have less, what we have left is quality.

  11. Absolutely beautiful tea - lovely sweets and gorgeous jewelry! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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