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Monday, July 9, 2012

Portion Distortion ~ The Other Side of Thin Part 5

Corporate American food providers desperate to keep customers coming back, continue to increase the portion size of their products.Overtime we have been brain washed decided that MORE is Better and demand our moneys worth (forgetting "more" - is not necessarily healthier); often resulting in getting quantity over quality.

To fill our need for "more" even the size of plates, cups, glasses and bowls has increased significantly over the past years. All this contributes to our portion distortion of what a serving really is and thus we end up consuming perhaps 2-3 servings, thinking we are only eating a single serving (thanks to super sizing options and larger portions in general).

It's important to understand that a serving size is a standardized amount used as reference in determining the nutrients and calories in a specific food - and how much to eat. A portion is the amount of food you choose to eat.

So, are we really getting "More for our money"? not really if you stop to consider what more really does to our health. Good health is priceless ~ "more for our money" is costing us ~ our health.

It's easy to see by the image above how simple excess fat and calories can pile up without you knowing.

If you have been eating healthier and are still be driven bananas by not seeing the results on waist size, it's time to take a look at how much you are eating.

Here is a quick challenge, pour yourself a bowl of cereal (how you normally would) now before adding milk, pour the cereal into a measuring cup and note that measurement. Pour cereal back into bowl and add milk as you normally would. This next part is a little tricky ... using a strainer pour the bowl contents into another bowl or measuring cup, let the milk drain in. Note the measurement of milk.

Now compare these quantities (cereal and milk) you normally eat to the serving size and calories on the box. Chances are you will be surprised at how much your healthy cereal is adding to your day's intake, by the portion you are pouring each morning.

I did this and will share my own discovery in the next The Other Side of Thin series post.

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  1. YES, THIS IS PERFECT! YOU SAID IT MY FRIEND...SMALLER PORTIONS PLEASE!! Happy 4th. of July with smaller portions!

  2. Dearest Celia,

    This is very helpful for everyone to have a look at what our intake is. It is funny about the cup sizing, or mugs we better say. For our Miele dishwasher we use three levels but that only works with our Old World size cups and glasses. Otherwise you need two loads instead of one and this indicates really where we have ended up. Everything is over-sized and most people too. Only when we went on our cruise to the Bahamas we found that the portions for dinner were precise; never too much! It should always be that way.
    Well, for the 4th of July all the above will fall on deaf ears as it is very much a food celebration with family and friends...
    Love to you and yours,


  3. Our portions are smaller in France. I always thought how weird the portions are here. Just saying hi. loved your other posts and thought a post about "envy" would be interesting. Sorry i am so busy, i do check your blog with my phone but don't comment. Xoxo

  4. Hi Celia
    I'm back to dieting and I'm finding this series very interesting. I''m a stress eater and although lost the weight I need to once, put it all back on again. Age, especially menopause plays a very big part in weight gain which is part of my problem.

  5. Great reminder this 4th of july - especially with all of the bbqs taking place!

  6. I love this. Portion control is so important... but 1/2 a cup of pasta??? Really???!!! I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  7. An interesting and thought provoking post. I did find many portion sizes to be bigger when I visited the USA compared to the UK.

  8. Oh wow. What a wonderful post!! Great idea :) I am sure you helped a lot of people by this post. What a great resource for so many! ox

  9. Glad I stopped by just before the dinner hour - I'm quite guilty of letting my portions get out of control.

    I love the champion in you cheering Riley on! I do hope we both get to meet you as well.

    On to dinner with those graphics of yours to keep my company:-) Stacie

  10. Celia,
    I hope that you enjoyed the Canada Day celebrations! Oh, the potions are frightening....I am on a diet roller coaster here, thank you for putting me back on track! I hear it is quite warm where you are...I hope you are managing to stay cool ~
    xox my friend,

  11. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so wonderful..do you have twitter or fb to follow with??

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my new post:)

    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  12. Hello Celia, hoping things are good with you. Popcorn is my food of choice while dieting - Orville R. Smart Pop, I can eat a whole bag myself! I have to keep reminding myself of portion sizes, I should look at your blog first thing every morning. :-)

  13. LOVE this series Celia. Portion control is so important...this I know and find that if I plate dinner vs serving it "italian style" (!!) we definitely eat less.
    And I must say, I agree with the commenter above...popcorn is a savior! And always allowed on almost every cleanse so it must be somewhat good for the system. :)

  14. This is so interesting. Look at the increase in muffin size! It's like 3 times as big. No one Americans all have muffin tops! xo

  15. Hi Celia,
    Portion control is very important but I'm not always careful. When I'm in the groove, I'm very good but when I'm not, I have a habit of letting things slide a bit. Right now my hubby is watching his waistline too so it's a little easier.
    Thanks for stopping by for my Anne Tea. I always enjoy having you pop by. Hope you are well and having lots of 'good days.'


  16. What a huge difference - that last piz with the full meal? What a difference halving makes and I'd still be full when done eating. Loving this series!!


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