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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Improve your life - 6 Tips to get you started...

A new year, change of season and (actually) every day is an opportunity to start incorporating new habits into your life that will help improve your health, life and overall body, mind, spirit balance. Here are 6 tips to get you started...
1. Get Outside
No matter the weather where you live ... make it a point to dress appropriate - especially if you are living in areas like me, where the temps have been hitting -40 C. Get outside everyday for at least 10 minutes. This is great for helping to clear your mind, breathe in fresh air and connecting with nature.

2. Expand Your Knowledge
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Learning is a life long thing. This year start expanding your mind - make reading part of your daily life; or learn about a topic that interests you. Exercising our mind is as easy as using it.

3. Explore
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Broaden your horizons ...get out of your comfort zone and travel to a place where you do not speak the language or have never visited. Travel is a learning experience not only about another culture - but also about yourself. If you are daring travel on your own.

4. Discover Smart Casual
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When we work from a home office or are a stay at home mom/wife - or in my case are recovering from an injury it's easy to develop "Sweatpant Syndrome". I hear you ... you want comfort, but let me tell you never underestimate how much the way you look affects the way you feel. So, make sure you shower, do your hair, apply some make-up (a little lipstick, blush and mascara) and most important get out of your jammies or sweats - Jennifer Aniston is one of my fav inspirations for comfy smart casual wear. Not only will your confidence and productivity increase, you are ready to - when someone calls and asks if you would like to meet for lunch or you find you need to go out an run an errand.

5. Get Social Face to Face

It's important to have a balanced life - that means making time to actually spend and share time with family and friends. And time via social media - does not count. Technology may enable us to connect virtually - but there is no replacement for face to face human interaction.

6. Take 30
Women are known to take care of everyone else's needs ...but when it comes to our self, we often forget to make time in our day for us. Make 2014 the year that you make time for you to re-energize and self-care. Here are links to posts from 2013 that offer suggestions for how to get the most of 30 minutes each day to help balance you body, mind, and spirit. 

Are You worth 30 Minutes in YOUR day? , A Cup of Tea and a Facial mask - 30 minutes for you 30 minutes with a Cup of Tea ...week 2 , Getting Outside with a Cup of Tea , Meditation and a Cup of TeaAfternoon Tea Make it Part of your DayYou Haven't had a Bath since ....????

What are you doing to improve your body, mind and spirit?

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  1. Mine is the pyjama syndrome...I swear it's the highlight of my day Sometimes!! Socially, that's something I need to work.on alongside a actually going outside!! Xx

  2. Dearest Celia,
    EXCELLENT post and the # 1 Tip to Get Outside is a great one. I too plan on doing more of that. When Pieter finishes his LAST (!) back breaking job, we're finally free again. It is not easy for maintaining your own place with home and garden. Constantly fighting the elements takes its toll and you are so tied up. But this is a good year, we will manage to do this again, like before 2003. Yep, we've been adding the Rose Suite and also had numerous guests coming to stay with us so we had to give all our time to them! Than we both got sick and the rest is history as you know. The year 2010 was our darkest year. Last year again was not easy health wise but we're looking forward to our FREEDOM again.
    Sending you lots of hugs and blessings and stay cozy.

  3. Alpha Hubby and I are making a point to eat on-purpose, i.e., be totally aware what we are eating and its impact on our bodies. Getting outside sounds like an excellent idea - we tend to forget. I'm hauling him out for a walk later today. And I've been reading the benefits of the right green tea (not all are, surprise) - believe it or not, Lipton green tea is good, as is Teavana Gyokuro Imperial green tea (which is interesting). We now take time in the evening together to share a cuppa green tea to relax, talk about our day, how blessed we are, and how much we love one another.

  4. Excellent post, mon ami!! I couldn't agree more to get outside, dress up a bit (I love JA's style also!), and spend time for yourself. Sometimes life can get hectic and we forget to do these little things. Traveling is something that is always on mind! Wishing you a most beautiful week! I hope the temps are getting better where you live. We have a beautiful day yesterday.. much better than the plunging negative degrees and a foot of snow we had last week. xx, B

  5. Dearest Celia;
    Oh,what a informative post! Well, I'm not good at being outside long. And always feel I should be under the sun a bit not hibernating inside the house p;) Yes, we women tend to use most of our time for the family and others. Thank you very much for this wonderful post.
    Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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