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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AUTUMN 2013 ~ The Classic Trench

The crisp mornings, warm days, cooler evenings and shorter days have me dreaming of sweaters, jeans and boots. Autumn is definitely my favourite season!

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As I take seasonal inventory of my wardrobe an item that has long been on my wish list is a trench coat. The trench easily transcends seasons and can finish off both a casual and elegant outfit. It is definitely a wardrobe basic that has also stood the test of time.

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Today trench coats are available in an array of trendy colours and styles and are available for all budgets.
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When I decided to add a trench coat to my wardrobe I also decided that it was going to be a classic investment piece - one that would stand the test of time and the elements. Refusing to be tempted by the pretty trendy colours that have popped up over 2-3 spring and autumn seasons ~ I was determined to not give in and save for my investment piece. This autumn I am almost there and have narrowed my choice to two classic styles from Burberry's Brit collection.

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One is a short hooded trench with detachable hood and the other is a detachable warmer cotton trench. Both are a classic neutral that will fit perfectly with my wardrobe.


This little number in RED from Coach caught my eye! Now I'm tempted to go and give it a try ... What would you do my friends - stick with the neutral classic or be daring and pick the red one?

Here is a great video to get you thinking about the colours of autumn 2013:
PANTONE Fashion Color Report Fall 2013: Women's Color Palette

Is the trench coat part of your basic wardrobe pieces? 
Would love to hear if yours is a neutral or your have gone with a colour choice.

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  1. I would usually say go for the neutral first (which is what I started with) but that little red number is too die for! I think it would be perfect for you!!

  2. Wow, I would love to have the red myself! Celia since you have saved a long time, and this is an expensive investment in you wardrobe;think out a few years and ask yourself if you think you will still love the red. Then go for it. If you choose the neutral then look at the fall colors and get scarves, gloves etc to add that burst of color!

    2013 Artists Series

  3. Autumn is most definitely my favorite season, too! Especially living in FL - it's such a nice change!!

  4. Go for the red. Everyone has (or wants) neutral. Neutral is exactly neutral.
    Get the red!!

  5. I have a neutral trench from years ago and it's a London Fog I just love, but I too would fall for the red for Fall, lol!

  6. Dearest Celia,
    Both of us have the neutral Burberry trench coat and I love to touch it up with a nice scarf or even with boots and a purse. Red is cute but only for those people that don't have any problem with their budget. Red is a color that you will not be able to add to your timeless pieces...
    But you will enjoy your trench coat!

  7. That red coat is so FAB! Definitely a great statement coat.


  8. I keep looking but have not yet found my perfect trench. I fancy a navy or grey one beige does not suit me.

  9. I love this time of year too Celia, there is something so womb like about being indoors in the autumn. Fluffy blankets, a roaring fire, BLISS. I am loving that collection of colours on the fashion report. So appropriate.

  10. In my humble {albeit fashionable! lol} opinion red is a classic. And I am in LOVE with that trench. That said, if you really want to go with camel, go with the style of the red one? This way, you are getting a bit of both.
    ALL GORGEOUS. Take me with you when you are ready to buy. That's all. xo

  11. Oh, you must go with the RED! I have a sixty-ish friend who has one she has worn for 25 years, and it still looks fabulous.

  12. Can you believe I don't own a trench? Every year I say I'm going to get one and I never do. Go for the red!!! Red will look gorgeous on you. xo


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