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Monday, September 30, 2013

Over a Cup of Tea with Celia M.- HHL ~ Week 1

Welcome to tea my friends ...

Today I thought we go for a stroll in the gardens before settling in for a cup of tea.

On our stroll we can see how things are changing in the  gardens. The trees are loosing their leaves; in the butterfly garden most of the flowers are gone; and the rose garden is looking a little thin.

By the memory garden ... apples lay on the ground. 
Mr. G. can't seem to gather them fast enough ... just as he picks up 
(what he thinks is the last one), more seem to appear. 

Did you notice this little guy in the photo above?
 ... he was quite entertaining and certainly enjoying the apples.

But not all things are turning autumn colors....

It seems the warm temps have encouraged the roses to stay a little longer.

As the sun starts to make it's exit for the day .. 
you can start to feel the temps become a little crisp in the shade.

Lets go inside and enjoy a warm cup of tea...

In honor of the beautiful roses that are still blooming I've chosen this Royal Sutherland teacup with red and yellow roses. 

The saucer for the teacup is equally beautiful and although the roses appear to be the same I found it interesting to discover the bottom of the saucer read Rosina and the stamp was completely different from the bottom of the teacup. 
To welcome autumn I've brought out my Kaldun & Bogle teapot.

For our tea this week ... We are enjoying a tea from Mariage Frères - Casablanca - a sweet mint tea and bergamot - it's a China black and green tea blend. 

How about some Dutch shortcake cookies from Marks & Spencer to go with our tea?
The shortcake has been dipped in Belgian milk chocolate ... these truly melt in your mouth.

I was recently asked "How are you handling the change of the season?" and will be sharing my response over a cup of tea next week. 

Wishing you all a beautiful week.

Hugs and Blessings,
 photo a7ceed8b-ce4f-45e6-8e44-5208e41b8eab_zps61970480.jpg

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  1. Hello Celia
    I enjoyed seeing your gardens, and it is nice to still have roses blooming by the end of September.
    Coming in after the tour for tea was a great idea. I haven't seen a Marks and Spencer store for years, didn't even know one might still be around. They have the yummiest treats.
    Have a good week.

  2. The little chipmunk is so cute! I love your beautiful garden photos and that sweet tea cup! Happy Mosaic Monday!

  3. What a lovely post! The tea after the walk gave you a feel that there was a chill in the air, welcoming the warm cup of tea!

  4. Hello Celia. Your post is lovely. A cup of tea with the shortbread sounds delectable. Late season roses are beautiful, aren't they? Yours are such a pretty color.

  5. Dearest Celia,
    Oh my, what a surprise to find here those yummy Dutch 'Spritskoekjes'. They are very good and if I still could eat the sugar, I would sink my teeth into them.
    What a lovely garden photos you show. The roses are a dream and your chipmunks are adorable.
    After all the beauty outdoors you know how to pour a good cup of tea.
    Thanks for this Dutch treat!

  6. Your garden looks lovely. And the chipmunk is a cutie enjoying your apples. The cookies sounds delicious with a cup of tea! Lovely images, have a happy week!

  7. Such pretty photos Celia! I could actually go for 1 {or 5} of those cookies right now!!! Happy Monday. xo

  8. I would love to join you Celia. Milk and one sugar please. I love your garden observations.

  9. Dearest Celia,
    Just coming back for giving you a very tight hug in remembering that today in 2007 your dear Dad became an Angel... only 11 months after your accident.
    Sending you oodles of love and blessings,

  10. This is a beautiful post, Celia. I enjoyed seeing your gardens. They still look pretty, even as they undergo change with the seasonal change. Your roses are beautiful, Celia, and I LOVE your teacup! Your cookies look great too. What a tranquil tea this was. Loved seeing it. :)
    Hugs, Beth

  11. Beautiful and peaceful, as usual! I used to have a pet chipmunk - so funny! Shortbread is my favorite cookie and I love, love, love your roses. I am coming over there and sitting in your garden just to stare!

  12. Your garden is still looking lovely, Celia, and I love your little visitor who is enjoying your apples. He's so cute! Lovely roses you have too. I haven't seen a Marks and Spencer in years. I used to love that store when we lived in NB. A lovely cup of tea and shortbread sounds wonderful to me! I came across a Scottish shortbread recipe the other day and I may just make it one of these days. Shortbread is my favourite cookie. Thank you for coming to tea and have a happy and healthy week.


  13. Hi Celia! Thanks for your sweet comment and your lovely tea post! I love the pumpkin teapot! So cute! The cup is lovely. So glad your garden is still providing the beautiful roses...and a visitor as well! Very warm and inviting for a fall day. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  14. Your teacup and teapot are both lovely, as are the gardens, and how nice to have such pretty roses blooming in late September.

  15. what a lovely walk in your garden and your roses are beautiful. the teacup with its yellow roses lovely and your teapot is perfect for fall. so nice that you share your apples with your furry critters! happy tea day!

  16. Your garden is gorgeous and such beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  17. Glad you are sharing your changing fall garden. Texas is still warm and we are ready for fall rains but my Mother's Birthday is the 8th which usually signals a change in weather. I love the roses in the garden and on your cup and saucer. Have a pretty fall week,


  18. Your Royal Sutherland and Rosina really do go well together. They make a lovely vintage match!
    I think I would love your dutch cookies.
    But your roses......swoon......are incredible! You must be so delighted!

  19. Mon ami, your roses look beautiful! Mine don't look quite as good as they did during the spring and summer. Although I love summer, I'm ready for the crisper air and turning leaves. Your tea looks delicious and I love your tea set... and how cute is that little guy? We have a couple running around.
    I hope you're having a wonderful week! xoxo, B

  20. wow, your roses are GORGEOUS esp at this fall time of year. love that little chippie!!! very cheeky photobomber. :) have a great week Celia


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