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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Museum, Wine, and Inspiration ...

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Wine Tasting and Estate Planning event at the Royal Ontario Museum, where my dear  friend Janice is Director, Legacy & Leadership Gifts. The evening was one that I found most informative (it's amazing all the things one needs to consider when planning their estate, no matter the size) and thoroughly enjoyed learning about wine and pairing of cheeses.

Courtney Henderson, Sommelier and Fine Wine Ambassador for Gallo Wines introduced Red Rock Winery and showed us how to put together a party-perfect cheese platter. The selection of fine brie, white cheddar and blue cheeses paired amazing with the Malbec and Merlot -which I may have had an extra sampling or two of (all in the spirit of research, of course....).

Now, I'm certainly no wine expert and am definitely no wine snob, but traditionally I have stayed with wines from France, Italy and South America. North American wines not so much ... so imagine my surprise when I learned Red Rock Winery is Californian.

The Merlot was velvety smooth and Courtney informed me it is low in tannis - this will be perfect for sharing with our friends from Vermont. And the Malbec ... compares beautifully to any wine I have tasted from the Mendoza region of Argentina ... my friend Ly is going to be amazed.

with summer time entertaining just around around the corner .... these bottles will be put to good use when friends visit.
Tonight we enjoyed a glass (or two) with dinner...

The back label reads ...
" Inspired by the hand stacked rocks that help you find your way along a trail. RedRock Winery wants to inspire you to Find True Balance".

Discovered this message on the other side of the cork. 
Now that's a wine with inspiration!

I think this may become our summer time red house wine, this year.

Stay in Step with High Heeled Life ...


  1. Wine tasting events are so much fun and help to introduce us to new wines. I love the message on the cork - great advice. By the way, your outfit in the last post was lovely - great shade of blue.

  2. I am certainly no expert, so this event would have been a fun learning experience! I hope you're doing well, Celia. We head to Brazil on Monday, and I'm planning to blog about our trip every day. (Fingers crossed) I hope you'll "come along with us!"

  3. Dearest Celia,
    One always learns so much at such events; you were lucky for having your friend Janice. Looks like a great idea for keeping this as your summer house wine. Have a lovely weekend and receive a big hug.

  4. These events are so fun and interesting Celia. I love the message on the cork and it must be a good wine!

    Art by Karena

  5. Sounds like fun, Celia. We have, believe it or not, around 20 wineries in Iowa. They grow the grapes and produce the wine here. A couple of wineries in our area have musical events combined with wine during the summer months. We have had a good time there and enjoyed their wine as well.

  6. Sounds like so much fun.
    Good Wine, friends, and lovely conversations
    are sure to be in that event.
    I love a good red wine.


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