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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Keukenhof Gardens - Holland

During our recent trip to the Netherlands in celebration of Mr. G's birthday, we took a tour to the Keukenhof gardens. This is the largest bulb-flower park in the world. As you will note by the above sign, the gardens are only open to visitors from March 21st - May 20th. This is definitely something to add to your anticipation list (see post on anticipation here), here you will find no less than 4.5 million tulips in 100 varieties. Have I captured your attention?

Here I try on some shoes that are not high heels ... 

 There are beautiful water features...

Daffodils ...
The Maxima Lutea, captured my attention ...

Everywhere you look, you will find inspiration 
for creating your own gardens and planters...

These are just breath taking, wouldn't you agree?

The combination of colour , brilliant!

 They say a photo is worth a thousand words...
 There was an absolute abundance of flowers named in honour of some most deserving people...
Pink and yellow...

It was a precious moment to observe these small tots enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature ...

Have you been to Keukenhof ?
We only managed to see a small portion of the gardens, so a return trip is on the HHL Anticipation List

Stay in Step with High Heeled Life ...

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  1. Wow and wow again, millions of tulips, a bit of heaven on earth.

  2. Oh,Celia, how beautiful! I am so happy you were able to take this fantastic trip, and I thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos! Added to my bucket list...!
    Hugs, Beth

  3. Oh, Celia, these gardens are absolutely amazing! Tulips are one of my very favorite flowers, and your pics made me smile. I especially loved the combination of pink, blue and yellow. I'm so glad you were able to make this trip. Happy belated bday to Mr. G!

  4. Beautiful gardens and colour combinations. I haven't been so enjoyed your little tour around some of the beds.

  5. I've never been there personally, but have admired Keukenhof through media and pictures for years... must be an amazing trip! Larry

  6. These gardens are a true feast for the eyes. All of the glorious colors-thank you for sharing this with us!
    Visiting from Fishtail Cottage=

  7. Dearest Celia & G,
    Welcome back home from South Holland! My Stepdaughter Liz lives also in South Holland, in Rotterdam.
    You went indeed to the greatest bulb flower show on earth. We went there in April of 1992 after coming back from Indonesia. They had robbed our villa in Indonesia so I had no decent shoes for wearing and I remember that it was so COLD... but worth it!
    Funny is that in my 2nd blog post in 2009 I did mention the Keukenhof with a hyperlink. Oh, one can never get enough of it; provided the weather is good enough and you are dressed warmly. Love your photo wearing those monster sized wooden shoes! Here is the link to my post: http://bit.ly/10sNHKJ
    Hugs to you both and relax for the weekend.

  8. Absolutely stunning. As you say, it's the colour combinations which are so striking . Glad you took so many photos to show us!

  9. Stunning, ABSOO LUTE LY STUNNING! I've seen the bulbs offered in various magazines but have never seen them in large groups....I think I am going to have a hard time not buying 100's of them next time I see the bulk varieties! I am glad I dropped in from Seasonal Sundays, have a great weekend!

  10. Hi Celia,
    thank you for the wonderful photos. Thats one place on my Anticipation list, I so would love to go. Don't know why I don't do it, its not so far for me.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to see the bulbs in Holland. Stunning shots of the Keukenhof Gardens.

  12. Wow, what a beautiful garden to explore. The tulips are lovely. I will add this place ti my bucket list. Your photos are stunning. Have a happy week ahead!

  13. So many tulips! Amazing. This would be a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  14. Wow, gorgeous pictures! I can't imagine being surrounded by such beauty!

    Thank you SO much for the comment on my blog. It really meant a lot to me. Your brother and his wife give me hope for my Matthew. :)

  15. Absolutely gorgeous.

    It would be great if you linked this post to my Friday Link Party, "Oh, the PLACES I've been!"

    - The Tablescaper

  16. Beautiful photos. It must have been heavenly to be there among all that colour. Valerie

  17. Lovely photos of the beautiful park. Now I haven't been there but I see I must visit there!

  18. Oh wow my heart leaps when I see your photos. I so love them all. Thanks for sharing.


  19. Oh how I love The Netherlands! I've been there three times but always in September. It is definitely on my *anticipation list to go there in the spring to see the Keukenhof Gardens. Beautiful photos!

  20. I've heard of it, but have never seen it. So glad you got to enjoy it and thank you for sharing.

  21. OK it is official. The Maxima Lutea is my new second fave flower. Nothing tops the snapdragon for me, but this is now a close beautiful second! Hollyhocks moved to third (smile). You have THE best posts!!


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