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Monday, April 8, 2013

Stepping Forward ~ Pre-view to Official HHLLaunch

Welcome to the launch, new look and direction of High Heeled Life! I'm beyond excited to be sharing this turning point in my life with all of you. After all, many of you have been reading along since the beginning, March 2010.

A little look at how it all began:
Early readers will recall the blog was AttitudeIVLife (said as -  attitude for life) and I started writing under the pen name Sophia (honouring my grandmother and her strength). Though I now have a dedicated HighHeeledLife.com url.  it is forward to Blogger url, which still remains attitudeIVLife.blogspot . Over a few weeks I realized  that Falling Off a High Heeled Life (FOAHHL), better described what I was feeling/living as I shared my story about life after a traumatic accident.And had Jen at Posh Palm designs custom design a shoe logo that reflected how I was feeling FOAHHL.   Then something amazing happened ~ as 2011 came to a close I was still not feeling like me, but "Falling" no longer really applied. The next year I started to share more about my life and living in the country. This is when I started to realize that I was still living a High Heeled Life it just looked a little (ok ... at times a lot) different. Tired of just surviving - I wanted to start THRIVING, I spent the better part of 2012 visualizing how I wanted my life to be; turning to alternative healing methods and trying to find balance (mind*body*spirit). By the end of 2012 things started to happen, I was creating my new version of a High Heeled Life.


New logo: With the help of Sandy M. the HHL logo was redesigned. The socialite  falling off her High Heeled Life has been replaced with butterflies. Butterflies symbolize change ~  Change and transformation are inevitable for us all (whether expected and unexpected - joyous and not so joyous) we need to remember - change no matter how it presents itself is an opportunity to grow. I chose for the butterflies to be white (sparkly diamonds) because butterflies are also closely tied to the idea of spirit and souls, used in many religions and cultures. For me the butterfly represents both re-birth and naturalness. The shoe remains red - the colour red has strong symbolism of life and vitality and is associated with energy, excitement, strength and passion.

Living my journey and embracing the changes in my life, have set me on a path of creating balance in my life and truly living a High Heeled Life.

What's New : 
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Mind * Body * Spirit  "Girl"

This gal is yet to be named ~ but she will be sharing fabulous information on creating balance in your life.

Remember Living a High Heeled Life is not about excess. It's about being selective and realizing excess does not increase your quality of life. Your quality of life comes from acheiving balance and peace within your self (mind, body and spirit). Once you have peace and balance you are able to create and live your own version of a High Heeled Life

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of you ~ long time and new readers of High Heeled Life, I hope to continue to inspire you through sharing my journey as I begin a new chapter of life. Know that your readership and comments make a difference in my life.

Be sure to join me for an Afternoon Tea Party on Wednesday for the Official launch of High Heeled Life ... Are you living yours? and enter to win some fabulous give-ways!


  1. I have marked the Afternoon Tea Party in my calendar! Love all the new, exciting changes!!

  2. This looks amazing! Good luck!

  3. Dearest Celia,
    This is fabulous news! With pride I look at all the new designs and knowing you for several years now I am thrilled with you.
    Hugs and lots of success!

  4. Beautiful. I love the newsletter too. Celia, I am so excited for you. It seems like you have a new vitality along with your new writing studio. May God shower blessings upon you as you impart your wisdom to others.

  5. I love it! Beautiful and I love all your media too :) How do you like merging to blogger +? I haven't done it yet. I have private blogs and I was wondering how you keep them private when merging.
    Have a super day!
    Thanks for your comment and support :)

  6. Celia, You are an amazing woman. Thank you for not only sharing your personal journey, but for inspiring and enlightening us on how we can enhance our own journeys. I see you as a strong, creative, beautiful, caring woman who articulates beautifully. Your blog looks and feels professional and is so skillfully written. I will continue to joyfully follow your posts, Celia.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  7. So excited for you and your new ventures! I'll be following along

  8. Hi lovely Celia ... I've been crazy busy in the studio and am just now catching up visiting my friends ... the illustrations look great on your blog, Celia! It was a pleasure creating them for you. Look forward to the fabulous information you'll be sharing with us here! Now, I'm going to read the next post ... the tea party, as I'm arriving late for it! xoxo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration


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