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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anticipation ... Getting it back

“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting” ― Andy Warhol

In today's world we are no longer having to wait for anything, with the click or swipe of a button we can speak to anyone, anywhere in the world. No more waiting for that beautiful and thoughtfully handwritten letter to arrive in the mail box with news from family member or friend living far away.

It's not just the way we are able to instantly interact with each other that has changed significantly. We are now eating fresh strawberries in the middle of winter, when temps are -20 degrees C and the ground is covered in snow. And well if you want Christmas cake in the middle of summer - you just bake it. 

We are even managing to control our exposure to the seasons (and not just for health reasons). Hate winter, well if you plan carefully (and are able to do it) you can live in summer year round. After all traveling has become much more affordable - and it's always summer time somewhere in the world. And again with technology many are able to work anywhere - so why not work from a seaside table in the tropics, when the rest of your friends and colleagues are digging out of the latest snowstorm back home.

Anticipation and all the wonderful emotions that accompany it are slowly losing ground to INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Children no longer wait for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions to receive that special gift they WANT ... they are learning if they ask for it, they get it NOW.  And as adults we are "treating" ourselves more and more than our parents would ever have treated themselves.

All of this instant gratification is making us less appreciative of things and people in general. 

Here are somethings that I'm doing to put anticipation and all that it creates back in my life:

1. limiting my email, texting interaction with family and close friends (leaving things to write and share in point 2.  and 3 below)
2. writing more personal letters/cards to family and friends 
3.  actually call and speak with family and friends at least 2 times a month
4. make and maintain a list of things I would like, and come up with a saving plan to purchase the items - instead of just going out to purchase them. (this also helps control impulse shopping)
5. read more books .... the anticipation of  how a novel will end is priceless
6. only give special gifts for special occasions ... instead of because it's so cute or it will look great on them - now.
7. plan and host a meal at our home more than a week ahead of time
8. plan outings with Mr. G., family and friends for a couple months out

The above points not only help to create excitement in looking forward to something, by looking ahead you are planning and taking steps in creating the life you imagine for yourself.

How are you keeping Anticipation alive in your life?
or do you find you are living the Instant Gratification way?

Keep in step with High Heeled Life ...


  1. What a great post and my sentiments exactly. We definitely live in a microwave society now and modern technology is taking away the appreciation of simple things like paper invites to events, real phone conversations instead of texting and going to a library instead of googling everything.


  2. Dearest Celia,
    That is so TRUE in all points! Love the fact of creating an outing with your love and loved ones. That is a gift that keeps on giving; anticipation and satisfaction with fond memories afterwards.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Celia,
    Great post! We are so accustomed to instant gratification...we want everything now! I have been writing cards and putting them in the mail to my friends--something I have not done in many years. There is such a sense of peace in these quiet pursuits...disconnected from the internet..email...etc. I have recently (during my recovery from surgery) taken up with great satisfaction,reading great works of literature through to completion, which is something I have neglected for awhile because I do book reviews for publishers and always have reading deadlines. When I grocery shop--I buy 3-4 of the things we eat most often so I don't have to keep going to the grocery store. Doing things like this help me achieve more serenity, rather than running, running, running...I guess in a world with super technology, we must learn to BALANCE stillness and busyness.

  4. Love this post. We got rid of our microwave 3 years ago so I have anticipation in cooking - waiting for that perfect potato that is no longer dried out!! Food tastes so much better. I don't text much, do send letters & cards, and Alpha Hubby and I "schedule" romantic evenings and date nights, and let me tell you, the anticipation for those times is high, sexy and fun! Excellent and inspiring reminder, as usual!

  5. I agree, Celia. It is even more important to slow down amid all the electronic stimulation around us. I would venture to guess a phone call or letter from you is as anticipated to your recipient as well.

  6. Good Morning, Celia,
    I don't know, in which timezone you are living, but here is it morning, my beloved children are at school or work and I have a little bit time to translate your post ans answer.
    I live this way, too. That's the way, I grow up and I decided to live the same way, like my mother did with us... I wash my dishes with my hands, while looking to my garden and watching birds or strange cats visiting our garden. I love cooking wirh my daughter when she is back from school while listening her adventures. I don't watch TV, only selected films and series on DVD. I love writing letters including some photos for my parents or friends. I have no answering machine, I am really oldfashioned, or like I say: I live my life"Zen"...
    So the quality of life is more intensive for all.

    I love the profundity of your thoughts...

    Enjoy your day. My morning here is sunny- wonderful.

    Love, Ines

  7. Celia it is so nice to connect with you again! The site looks beautiful and all of your posts
    are written with such feeling.
    Congratulations xxxooo

  8. It's sad isn't it?
    We really try not to live this way, especially with regards to the kids. They don't "just get" whatever they want anytime they want it. I have learned {even though it's SO hard sometimes!} that sometimes, even if something is ridiculously cute, Ms. Ava just DOES NOT need any more clothes. Sad, but true.
    And as for me, I can honestly say that I am still like a big kid. It does not take a lot to make me happy and I still get excited about little things. I will admit, I am guilty of not enough phone interaction with friends...I'm just not a phone person and texting takes care of that. Boo me.

  9. Dear, sweet Celia.
    I received your beautiful gift in the mail this evening when I got home. I cannot thank you enough for thinking of me. It means so much. I am headed to use them now!....stop over for a visit. I did a post on you!

  10. Celia I love this and it is so true. I need the excitement of anticipation. Whether it is a book( I love to read) a Friday night date, or having my granddaughter over. I think the joy of it also lightens the burdens we may have.

    PS I am having a Paris Book Giveaway!
    Art by Karena

  11. Thanks for pointing this out. Sometimes I get frustrated when my internet is not speedy fast!!

  12. This post is exciting, full of possibilities. I love each point you wrote about encouraging anticipation in your life. I think I do many of these because I've found with growing older that I love waiting for something. Naturally not when it's waiting for bad news, but I'm more willing now than ever to not have to have good things come immediately. Sometimes waiting is half the pleasure.

    When I saw that Mary is a visitor here, above, I knew it would be a good place to get to know!


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