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Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 75th Mom!!!

My mother turned 75 this week-end!!

There were lots of flowers and this gorgeous cake ... my sister had a cake created with photos of my mother  from her youth to present day. It was breathe taking to see the detail in the photos ~ each one holding a special memory of her life.

and of course many gifts to open!!!

My mother said the best gift ~ was having her three children, their respective spouse and of course her pride and joy, baby Matthew (my brother's son) helping her celebrate! We know my father was there with us all in spirit and smiling that his beloved was turning 75. 

Happy birthday to my darling Mother! To many more wonderful and healthy years ahead....


  1. Celia, what a wonderful celebration! Happy Birthday to your Mom. May the year ahead be filled with God's richest blessings!

  2. A wonderful gathering for your mother's milestone 75th birthday. Happy Birthday to her.

  3. Beautiful celebration of your mom's 75 years.

  4. Blessing to you and your Mom on her special day.

  5. Dearest Celia,

    Happy belated birthday to you Mother! What a special day together with the entire family. Sure, your angel-Dad was in your midst. What a beautiful, delicious looking cake and with all the photos around; what genial idea. You look real well, hope you are feeling well too. Sending you lots of hugs and love,

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mom!! I love the family pic!!!

  7. How wonderful for your lucky Mum to have all her lovely children and grandchildren around her.
    Certainly a day to remember xx

  8. Happy Birthday to your mother! so nice to see your family pictures and what a lovely cake too! Elle x


    Happy Birthday to your mother and my dear, how are you? Thank you for visiting my site today. Grace is for sure the constant that moves about us, but it isn't free, is it? At least, we are supposed to EMBRACE IT and use it..that is the cost...we have to use it.

    Much grace to YOU my dear! ENJOY! Anita

  10. Beautiful!!! Happy Birthday to your Mom and may the year ahead be full of blessings for you all.
    What a nice cake, a great idea!!
    Lovely family photo.
    Much love to you, angel and a big hug across de ocean.

  11. Great family photo, hope she had a great birthday. Looks like she was having a wonderful time! The cake is fantastic!

  12. What I like the most? Can not resist:... the cake of course! Such a gorgeous yummy piece of art!! Blame on my "French" pallet girl!! Well, let's not forget your mom: Happy B-day MOM!!! May happiness, love and health become a part of your daily routine... Enjoy your wonderful family for many many years to come!

    V. "The Frenchie"...

  13. What a joyous celebration this must have been! Your mom looks so happy and it is wonderful to see you all together Celia. The cake, the flowers, the photos are all so pretty! Happy Birthday to your Mom!!


  14. Awwww! She's so cute!!! And that cake...wow!
    My mother turned 80 (!!) last year. Just amazing.

  15. A belated 'Happy Birthday' to your dear sweet Mum!! What a clever idea with the cake!

  16. Happy birthday to your lovely mom! What a wonderful celebration for her to share with her beautiful family. The cake is just fabulous!
    How are you, mon ami? I hope all is well with you. As far me, counting down the months until May!
    Wishing you a fabulous week!! xoxo, B

  17. Wow! What an amazing family! Love all the photos, the memories, the smiles and the deep abiding love.
    Also love the purses!!!!
    Many blessings to you and your family!

  18. Hi there! I love your blog, and now I'm following you. I'll be happier if you follow me back :)


  19. Dear Celia,
    Happy birthday to your mum and all of wonderful your lucky mum you have all her children around her and all the photos around what a beautiful,
    delicious looking cake and with all the photos with your family.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  20. Celia - what a lovely day for your amazing mother! She must be so very proud as she looks at you and all the inspiration and talent you have in your writing and insight that you share here. You carry yourself with such elegance, grace and class - something you had to have learned from your mother. I just hope I give the same to my daughter and stay around to see it! HUGS

  21. This is precious, Celia. What a beautiful family you have. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SWEET MOTHER. She is very blessed to have such loving people surround her. The cake looked beautiful.

  22. Your Mom is so sweet! What a beautiful celebration of family :) And little Matthew is getting so big!
    p.s. You look great!

  23. ahhhhh makes me miss my mother so much more she died at 74 to cancer

    So nice to see you all there for your MOm and that cake is wonderful

    I love a good cake LOL

  24. What a gorgeous family!!!
    Happy birthday to your pretty mom!!!


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