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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Party Invite ...what shoes to wear!!

I have received a very special party invite!! 

Now if I could only decide which heels to wear... this would normally not be a challenge, but flats have been the shoe of choice for the past 6 years ... I could use a little HELP!!!

After taking inventory of which heels I have kept and emptying box after box I have narrowed my choices down to FOUR ...

These I picked up during one of my many week-end escapes to Miami Florida, and possibly the last sexy pair that I still hold on to from my pre-accident life. These went with everything and could dance the night away!!

These Dolce and Gabbana heels begged for me to pull out that little plastic card. They fit fabulous and so long as I don't walk too much they are great for going out to dinner. Love the pop of colour the red gives to a LBDs.

Hmm... Stuart Weitzman a safe shoe... but who wants to be safe?

Now these Manolo Blahnik bootie heels, are tres comfy despite their heel height and the extra thick ankle strap does provide some support ... ok maybe not quite enough... a girl can dream non?

OH did I mention ... 
you ALL are also Invited to this very special party too!

My dear friend Carol E. Wyer has done it again! 
This time she has us laughing so hard we are about to fall off our heels reading

Surfing in Stilettos!!
the follow up novel to her award winning Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, has been released and Carol is throwing a Creme de la Creme Launch Party... NOT TO BE MISSED.

There will be plenty of  amazing prizes to be won (just for popping by); the launch for her first novel went on till the wee hours of the morning ~ because it's always 5 o'clock somewhere in BlogLand;  the virtual bubbly kept flowing until the last guest finally powered off; you will be able to mingle with Amanda Wilson and many of the the other characters from her novels and so much fun, I could go on and on ... 
But it's easier if you just  ...
Come and join me for some fantastic prizes, surprises, and desirable shoes at the fabulous Surfing in Stiletto party at www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.co.uk and see for yourself the fun that is happening!!!

Don't have a pair of heels ... here I am happy to loan you these Gucci .... like the Traveling Pants, they will fit  every foot size... NOW kick off those slippers or whatever sensible shoes you may be wearing slip these Gucci on and click your way over.... see you there!!!

Now what heels do you think I should wear???


  1. I'd go for the glittery diamante ones you bought in Florida... they're GORGEOUS and very apt for a party!!

  2. Celia, I see HIGH heels on every one of these pairs of shoes but if you really want to wear a pair, the red ones might have magical powers to allow you to click the heels together when you want to go home from the party. :-)

  3. Oh ddddddear this party is right up your shoe alley! I have major shoe envy right now. Good thing there are 24 hours in a day.

  4. The red ones of course!
    Hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving!

  5. Love the red ... but the black ones appeal to my naughtier side :)
    Happy Thanksgiving Celia! Miss you so much <3

  6. I love the first ones from Florida; they will really make you feel like a princess I am sure xx

  7. Celia - these are just fantastic! I knew you would have an amazing collection but that last pair! I adore them. I shall now have to go out and buy a pair of beautiful heeled shoes. All these are making me salivate.
    Thank you too for your incredibly lovely words. As you know, you and I go back a long way in blogging terms and you are to me what #sexyfitchick is to Amanda - my best bloggy friend. Thank you for that and for being at the party. It wouldn't have been a party without the glamorous and lovely you. xxxxx
    Results tomorrow of the competition.

  8. What a fun post! I like the pink ones, or the ones you call "safe." Hmm, they look anything but safe to me. I am sorry about you not having that same high-heeled life you once had, but you do now have a beautiful home in the country and a man who adores you...I hope life is good and be careful walking in those high heels!

  9. Oh how fun!! I LOVE shoes! and I am always in flats--lol. I love those Stuart Weitzman's...they're fabulous!! Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  10. Dearest Celia,

    For the Little Black Dress and for YOU; the RED ones!
    Those heels are all fabulous, you had and still have great taste! I also choose the D & G heels because I know you immortalized them by even naming your fur-babies after them.
    Enjoy your party.
    Hugs to you,

  11. What fun Celia! Heels are lots of fun and they are so feminine. I've spent a little more on shoes over the years because of comfort issues. I also try to choose something with a little platform .. seems to reduce the incline. These are all gorgeous choices!


  12. The Dolce and Gabbana red heels - LOVE them. But also love the Stuart Weitzman - so feminine and classy. I HATE CHOSING. I also need to do my own invite to Carol's partay - I will dig thru my former heels or come borrow yours! Good post!!

  13. Ok... I want to go shopping with YOU! I would have a blast for sure in every single way! I think I just broke my jaw as it dropped to the floor - I LOVE THEM ALL! Those Stuart Weitzman's are elegant...but they are all perfect for you for sure!

  14. Silly me I would have chosen the cream heels! Although not seeing the dress does keep me less biased!
    Hope your night out was fabulous!

  15. What beautiful shoes you have, my dear! I have to admit that the "safe" ones are my favorite...I have the same pair in a box in my closet...I like them because they are shimmery and a little see-through! And....the last pair are also very fab!
    Congrats to your friend on the launch of her new book. I will stop over there to see what's going on!
    love to you,

  16. O.
    Tell me those red D&G's are far too big for your tiny foot and are a size 7 and a half? Lie to me if you have to.
    I choose those!!!!!

  17. how can you possibly choose? they all rock!

  18. aaaahhhh, the MB's. love 'em.

    but seriously, you could dance the night away in that first pair. not sure i ever could have pulled those off on the dance floor. i'm too rowdy.

  19. Well, I am a shoeaholic and love them all. The last pair in red are really stunning. They look to be comfy too.
    Sounds like the party will be lots of fun.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie


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