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Monday, October 22, 2012

Needing a Little Inspiration...

No matter how hard I try to make October just another month. Each year somehow the thoughts of knowing that life for me, changed forever during this month, seem to gain momentum and strength like an out of control avalanche. 

As the days pass one by one towards the 28th, a dark cloud starts creeping like a thief in the night, blurring my dreams. This is not the first year, so I know that a re-birth like feeling will eventually replace this cloud, but the journey remains as dark and scary nonetheless. 

If you are going through your own dark and scary journey ~ know that you are not alone. A rainbow will eventually come. Until then try to remember your Angels are always there to protect you ~ you only have to ask for their help and comforting warmth.

See you on the rainbow....


  1. Oh, sweetie! You WILL get through to the other side and be even stronger than you are today.

    BTW, thanks so much for the note. I love getting fun mail and stationary. The teacups are beautiful!


  2. Not on the rainbow... you are part of our rainbow! Always an inspiration. Riley sends you his biggest hug!

  3. ((HUGS)) The fog will lift and the sun will be shinning brightly. The 28th will dawn bright and you will walk through it.
    This July was my foggy time.. I know next year will cause me to pause and reflect.
    Cheers, Gee

  4. Oh Celia,
    I am sending warm and loving thoughts and prayers for you to move through this quickly ~ Find a positive to focus your thoughts on, one of your little furbabies to cuddle, and know that this too, shall pass ...
    p.s. merci for your note! you brightened my day, as you brighten so many people's days here with your blog! :)

  5. Celia,

    This brings tears to my eyes. Your quotes are perfect and you speak the truth. I appreciate the honesty in your eloquent words.

    Focusing on the little things that make you happy each and every day, and choosing to surround yourself with family and friends that make you feel good. One foot in front of the next and laugh when you can.

    Sending hugs..
    leslie :)

  6. dear celia,

    i'm sorry that old dark cloud tries to swamp you.
    it won't be able to, because you have risen above

    may you see His rainbow very soon,

  7. Celia,

    You have inspired me so much with this post and with your blog. I know what its like when a dark cloud tries to follow you and you are looking for a rainbow. I am still looking for a rainbow in the midst of my darkness. I know that you will come though stronger and better than every. Prayers, hugs and blessings to you sweetie.


  8. Hello lovely. I'm so sorry to hear that what happened in your past still affects you so today. I've found that handing cares over in prayer helps immensely ... beyond that, surrounding ourselves with positive people and things that we love, just putting one foot in front of the other as we walk through the days until time can dim the memory. I feel blessed to have you as a blogging friend and wish many happy days ahead for you. You mentioned in your comment on my blog that writing is what takes you away. Perhaps that's your greatest gift toward healing. Sending hugs. ~xoSandy

    SANDY M Illustration

  9. I know your entire future changed in a moment but how about looking at it this way. You are alive, saved from death. No, it isn't something you ever wanted to go through, but October 28th is the miracle day that Miss C did NOT die, contrary to what everyone prophecied over you. Look to see what it is you can do with this wonderous life you miraculously received. Look to see - there is a reason you did not die. There is strength inside you that others do not have. There is joy inside you others do not feel. There is wisdom inside you needing to be shared. Change your outlook and destroy the power October 28th has over you.

  10. Dear Celia
    Your strength will get you through this dark cloud and you will find your rainbow again! Such a terrible thing to have gone through .... my thoughts are with you!
    my best wishes always

  11. The first quote rings so very true for me, since I got ill I have had to let go of the planned life I thought I would lead. But you know I am ok with that because its still my life to make of it what I will. I will be thinking of you xx

  12. Dearest Celia,

    That is quite normal as six years is not at all a huge gap between the past and tomorrow. But know that you are being admired the world over for what you've bridged in those six years. It was a very rough ride and never seems to be easy, plus the emotional baggage.
    MONSTER HUGS to you both,

  13. as you well know, the view from the top of the mountains wouldn't be nearly as spectacular without the low valleys.

    thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. you've already proven to be a very strong woman. so stay strong and keep moving forward Celia.

  14. I never realized this is the month! I hope one day, the bad thoughts will be replaced with joyous ones of knowing how you overcame this challenge. Because you have. And you're amazing!

  15. Sometimes the fact that our plans are blown up in our face is really hard to face (especially if you are a little control-freak like me ;-) But look at what a miracle took place on the 28 Oct; what a wonderful family, partner, home, environment, faith you have. Why not turn it around C and "celebrate" on the 28; celebrate the miracle of your life, how far you have come since that fateful day and a celebration of all the wonderful things you have in your life? Why not make this the year that you change what the 28 Oct means :-)

  16. Much love and strength to you during this coming week, Celia. May you feel the arms of God enfold you and hold you tightly until the darkness passes.

  17. Hi Celia,
    Sending you positive thoughts especially on the day!!
    Look at the strength and and light you have spread in the world!!
    Thinking of you often.
    Enjoy your day,

  18. Celia...do you know how wonderful and inspiring you are? I thank heavens to have found your blog and "friendship" online. I am sorry this is a hard time for you, I can't even imagine that courage you have and the difficult times that come with memories of your accident and that fateful change. Do you realize that you are a rainbow to so many? I hope you feel surrounded by love. ~ Trisha

  19. Celia,
    First off I feel like a complete heel for not reading this until today. I had such a week of IE's that I truly was not on the computer much. (My phone scrolling yes but actually sit down reading no.)

    My heartaches for how you feel on this "the" day that everything as you knew it changed. Our "days" are quite close together and I know how I felt and it doesn't seem to matter how positively you look at the day and the miracle of life you have been given it is hard to let go of the life you knew and were content in.

    You ARE a rainbow in all my days! I am so glad to have found you all by a random email to you that I never dreamed you would answer! You have been such a blessing, influence and mentor to me in the short time I have known you.

    Next year we will walk together mere weeks after my "day" and mere weeks before your "day" and I think we should make it a weekend of celebration for the life we have been given to live, love we have been given to feel and the friendship we have gained from a tragic event!



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