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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Tea Trolley and Two Special Guests ...

If you live in the GTA , especially north of Hwy 7 can you believe the snow and cold temps we had last week? I know it's normal for March ~ but with the mild temps we have been spoiled with and little snow I can't help but be shocked. Despite the cold the sun was out ... and with the hopes that mild spring like temps will return, the tea trolley has been moved from my writing area to the kitchen sitting area.

Welcome to afternoon tea, my friends ~ I hope you enjoy the snow view out the terrace doors, while cozy warm inside sipping on some warm oolong tea.

You can curl up in a chair, and take a few moments to relax...

The pink tulips will indulge our dreams for warm temps....
I love the delicate scallops on the petal edges ... and the touch of white that graces the pink petals. Our home assistant says they have a pretty light scent ... spring fresh, sadly I'm not smelling them, hopefully my smelling sense will kick in, so I too can breathe in their spring fresh fragrance!!

I chose these teacups today, for their colourful flowers, a garden in our hands...

These lovelies really do warm up the insides on this cold day....

The teacups are hand made by Fifth Avenue Collection

Truly a garden in our hand ... the brilliance of the flowers against the gold back ground....

Mr. G. has offered to serve us our tea today ....

Since we are all watching our waist lines, an apple strudel has been sliced into bite size, so no guilt.. enjoy!!  

Tea is served!

Hopefully we'll be blessed with these lovelies in the garden soon....
Hmmm... looks like there are some bunny ears in that bowl... could it be Mr. Easter Bunny ?

Look who has joined us for tea this afternoon, little Dolce, he loves sitting by the tea trolley...

Thank you for stopping by for tea ...

Click HERE

I'll be joining these fabulous hostesses for tea, hope to see you there...

 Tea Time Tuesday with Sandi
Tea Party Tuesday ~ with Trish

Martha's Terri's Tea Time Tuesday


  1. SUCH PRETTY PHOTOS :) I love those flowers. Looked like a delicious + fun tea party :) Glad you had a great time! ox

  2. Dearest Friend Celia,

    Wow, what a fabulous combination! Snow outside, warm scenes inside with lovely tulips and beautiful china, apple strudel and tea! Love Dolce under the tea trolly; he's so cute.
    Have a great week and indeed, I too hope that your smelling sense will further develop as it gives one joy.

    Love to you both,


  3. Beautiful! You know when you cut something up, all the calories fall out ;o)

  4. Awwwww. This is so pretty. I love the pink tulips Celia...and sweet little Dolce is just the best tea companion ever. We will have tea one day, dear...

  5. Little Dolce is adorable and I love your pink tulips! Your tea cups are always pure eye candy!

  6. Hi Celia, Your floral cups are very, very pretty. Love the pink tulips too, and it was great seeing your little "baby." How adorable!
    Hugs, Beth

  7. Celia,

    Beautiful arrangement on your tea trolley. I love your floral cups and if that can't put a spring in your step nothing will. What a sweet lil dog. C~U~T~E.

  8. A lovely post! I love the chintz teaset! Just beautiful! And your little friend is so cute. Great company! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. What a beautiful post! Love the chintz tea pot and cup! The tulips are gorgeous too!

  10. Hi Celia,
    What a gorgeous chintz tea set; love the perky colours! Tulips say springtime so well, don't they? Yours are really pretty! Lovely post, my friend. Thank you for joining me for tea today and enjoy your week.

    Blessings & hugs,

  11. Lovely tea set for spring...I am sure in love w/ tulips...I have started to see them in the flower store lately and grocery so that is a sure sign of spring. Hello to your sweet Dolce! Happy Tea Day!!

  12. Hello Celia
    What a gorgeous pattern and colours on the china. A nice surprise at the end of your post with that sweet little face laying on his blue blanket.
    We have little to no snow left and I'll be happy if it stays this way.
    Have a great week.

  13. I don't want to tell you...
    Ok I will...
    It was almost 66 degrees on the weekend in the very southern tip of Ontario ;)
    I collect tea cups but they're put away...you know because I have a destructive lab and a three year old ;)
    Those cups are lovely ;) the whole set up is very calming.

  14. Oh little Dolce is so sweet! I have two sweet Yorkies myself, they would love to meet your little one!

    Your post is gorgeous! I adore how you present your images. And I adore your tea tray! The tea cups are so very pretty and the tea pot such a beauty! What a lovely setting for tea!


    I'm just making my rounds...visiting everyone on the linky list....I think I'm #21 on the list...but it's not showing up yet!

    Thanks for sharing your precious tea with me today.
    Hope you'll stop by to read my nostalgic post about my love of collecting and using tea cups!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  16. Celia;

    No, I didn't come over here just because you commented on my post, I hate it when people do that to me. Because of school I've slacked off in reading, but today is a snow day so I have time to catch up and I'm glad I did! I LOVE that tea set! So is Dolce a boy or girl? My little Martini could use a playmate and we could go off riding harleys! Great idea, right?

  17. luving the tulips! and sharing the tea in matching cups to my own!
    how FuN to find yours here today :)
    i'm celebrating teatime in Killarney if you'd like to join us? welcome...

  18. Love the tea trolley by the window and love that Mr. G is serving! Wish I were there with you! xo

  19. Dear celia,
    I don't know what is sweeter, the wonderful Chintz pattern or little Dolce. Looks like a Petit Four dog.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  20. What fabulous tea cups! Really lovely! And how wonderful to see Dolce again. That cute little thing :)

    Hope your day is lovely!


  21. I'll have a cup of tea with ya all and little Dolce can sit on my lap

    love your tea pot & cups

  22. I absolutely love stopping by for a cup of tea! And sweet little Dolce, I have missed him! I hear that it has warmed up, I do hope your garden is ready to burst soon...

  23. Celia my angel, my darling, I was sure you would be the first to see that I did post again :)
    Thank you sooooooo much for your always thoughtful comment. When I saw your comment my heart started beating so much and I felt (and still feel) such a happiness.
    Oh, my angel.... now I see how much I miss you!!!!
    I hope now I'm back for good ;))

    But there are lots of changes here, my darling.... Oh I love your post, such beautiful pictures and everything so elegant...
    Little Dolce is so cute!!!
    I also hope everything is doing fine with you and Mr G., at least it seems so :)

    No darling I have not heard of the magazine MORE. I will search for it. Sounds interesting.

    Hugs and Blessings, angel!!!!!

  24. Dear Celia,
    What a marvelous time with Mr G And little DOlce - two special guests indeed. I love the view as you sip your tea, and I love how you take the time to enjoy all the little things that make life so grand!
    Hope all is well with you on your side of the world. Things are good here! Glad you enjoyed the shot of the full moon alongside the Eiffel Tower.
    I'm going to take your banner and post on my site if that is okay with you?
    Take care my friend!


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