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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm Still Breathing ...

When you find yourself between the person YOU knew and the one YOU are getting know, 
breathing is one of the most painful things to do! 
This my friends is where I have found myself these past few months. 
As I venture down the road of accepting I'm no longer the person I was and not quite the person I WILL BE!
One must EXHALE the past in order to be able to  INHALE the FUTURE!

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I find myself saying the Serenity prayer...

So, I am starting to change what I can and leaving everything else in HIS hands.

You may have noticed some changes going on here at my BlogLand Home, "Falling Off a" is no longer part of the title ~ No, I'm not back in heels ..lol... falling implies a negative ... and to move forward, I must think positive. Since, we decided to start spending time at our city home, when I have medical appointments in the city and we live at our country home, High Heeled Life & the Country, seemed to be a perfect fit!

The images surrounding the actual header, represent parts of the new ME and Life, I am creating.  This will also give me a little reminder to focus my writing and posts on country living, simplifying life, things that add so much to my life like ~ taking time for tea; handwriting; reading; living in the moment; and things that I thought I knew about - but are re-learning~  and surviving & thriving through a Life in Transition.

Don't worry, I'm not going to forget the detour and the journey that brought me to where I am today. Once Upon A Time series will return, though it is difficult to write at times, I know that it helps, not only those who are facing similar challenges, but most important it helps their loved ones ~ understand the challenges they are facing [especially if they are unable to tell the loved ones themselves].

BlogLand Pen Pals ~ Is also changing name ... It is now BlogLand Pen Friends, there will me more about BlogLand Pen Friends and it's new button to come later this month.


 "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you." ... Hebrews 13:5

I challenge You to create Yourself and the Life, you are meant to have! 
Never Give up... Keep the Faith and never stop Believing!!

Thank you to all followers and readers, who visited and left sweet comments, these past couple of weeks even though I was not always able to stop by and visit. WELCOME to new readers and followers, I will do my best to come by and visit or respond to your comments in the next week or so. 

You have made the past 2 years a pleasure and I look forward to sharing many more with you!!!

Blessings xo


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  1. I love the new title, header and look....and the spirit behind the change!

  2. Best wishes on you journey to become the new you. None of us should be content to just stand still, to stop growing is to wither and die. Have a good day.

  3. I really feel a certain closeness with you. I REALLY get what you are saying here, I feel like I am on some sort of a similar journey on the edge of change and not sure how I feel about it. I have found the need/pull to slow down from blogging lately - while it brings me much joy, I have also noticed that it is a distraction from somethings that are more important and other things that I need to deal with that are somewhat painful and I have been avoiding....know what I mean. In the end, it is all good. Just to be alive and breathing as you say here. I will exhale my past and inhale the future in with a smile. I find your words comforting and I appreciate that.

  4. love the changes you are making, i been trying to change and start my own journey as well!!!


  5. Dearest Celia,

    Great post and I'm delighted to read this upon safely returning home from the island of CuraƧao. Love your new title; more to the point indeed and you changed for good reasons.
    Love to you both,


  6. YAY for you for taking such a positive outlook!

  7. SO pleased about the new title and direction of the blog. You are so right about how just the use of the wrong words can color our perception.I can't to join you on your new journey; it will be so much fun Sweets xx

  8. Your blog title grabbed my attention! You are definitely displaying a positive attitude, and it's catching!

  9. We do not always embrace change, but change is good. Many positive things can come out of it.

  10. Celia, I'm working on a post right now about when Life comes to a screeching halt. You know all about that, and look at you now! You may not be the person you hope to become, but you are moving forward with commitment and determination, and you are an inspiration! Love your attitude (and your new blog header)!

  11. Miss you sweetie. I LOVE the new thoughts you have about your blog....the "Falling off" and "High Heeled Life & In The Country"......I know God is renewing your spirit because He has so many exciting things ahead for you! The tapestry of your life is so important to share with others.

  12. Life is a journey - and I love your message here. Beautiful work on your blog and will look forward to your sharing more of your contagious inspiration!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  13. I LOVE that you changed the title and the fact that "the falling off" part is gone is so significant!! You inspire me every day. xo

  14. I love that you are no longer feeling as though you have "fallen off" your old life...but rather, begun the journey to find and embrace your new one.
    Which involves coffee. Or tea. With me. Tee hee!!! xoxo

  15. I love the new change in you blog title and the new topics you will be writing about, a sure sign you are moving forward with "the new you". As with all changes we make in our lives, it is sometimes very hard to let go of your past and embrace a totally unpredictable new life. Your courage and inspiration is a lesson for all of us.

    I'm looking forward to reading about your continued journey.

  16. I heard this serenity prayer today watching Oprah's Next chapter with Paula Deen and now from your blog.. It's a sign for me to surrender the things I can't control.I have been so anxious lately on some friendships and feeling it is somewhat failing. I realize, I can't control the situation.. just surrender.. xo Monica

  17. I've just found your blog as I work on another day of just breathing. "When you find yourself between the person YOU knew and the one YOU are getting know,
    breathing is one of the most painful things to do!"

    You have said what I am feeling in the most beautiful and delicate way. I may have to quote you on that. It's not always a bad thing, this transitioning, but it is often awkward and the simplest act takes on grand proportions.

    Hope to get to know you and your blog better, and since it's all about the future you, I guess I picked the right time.

    p.s I LOVE your Once Upon A time Series and that button!

  18. I love your new header, "name", and the fact that you are going forth! I forget to breathe some days too, it is always so nice to have a reminder. When your snow starts melting and your garden awakens, you are going to be SO ready Celia!

  19. Hi Celia,
    What a wonderful post! And wonderful that your changing negatives to positives! I think i remember reading your story a while back, but I'm going to look for it again right now! what a beautiful blog you have! :)

  20. Dear Celia,
    the blog changes are all very good. To think positive is not easy in painful times. It is helpful to think for those, who were beaten harder by the fate. And there are always some! It is also helpful to fill the new life with good moments. In times when I am sad about what happened to me, I try to be good to myself. Blogging helps a lot. I wish you a good time in this upcoming spring and summer. That all your wishes come true and that your health improves.
    Hugs, Johanna

  21. You have no idea how timely this post was for me today. I asked for certain things to be brought to my awareness today to help with decisions I feel are time for me to make but as with all change for me, I tend to go kicking and screaming. I think acceptance to "let go and let god," as is said, takes a tremendous amount of courage and is looking the future square in the face. You are a very brave woman I have always admired this about you. xoxo

  22. Love everything about the new site - but most especially your attitude, transparency, and courage! I am proud call you an e-friend - you are one of my first faithful commenters, and I appreciate it so much. There was a silly movie called Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen. The best thing I learned from that movie was the quote, "NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER!"

    Another thing I am learning to take time for? Something as simple as using a lipstick brush to slowly put my lipstick on, instead of slashing it on with the tube. It is interesting how your heart rate slows down!

  23. OH! and p.s. - a diet/exercise book I loved & downloaded a few years back spent the entire first chapter on the importance of changing the sentences you speak to positive ones. (No "I can't, I don't, I won't). Said if we don't change how we speak and think, we will always fail. It's pretty interesting and was life-changing.

  24. Love the new header and new attitude. I like that inscription on the book page too.
    Prayers and blessings,

  25. Thank you for sharing your story and your blog. My husband is recovering from a spinal cord injury (July 11, 2010) with some brain injury. Your story is helping me to understand him and what he is going through better. I check in regularly to see how you are doing and to read the rest of your story. I too enjoy a lovely cup of tea.
    Jacquelene L.
    Toronto, Canada


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