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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Little thing called Blogging...

UPDATE::: This is why Blogging  Friends are REAL!!!
PhotobucketI came to know of Melynda aka Craziness Abounds who writes a great blog Crazy Worldthrough my dear friend Carol author of the blog Facing 50 with Humour.  Melynda has been losing her sight. She has undergone various treatments to try and retain her remaining [failing] eyesight. Despite this detour in her life, her spirit remains determined and positive. 

Some of her dearest friends unbeknownst to her, have put together and published a book of her best blog posts. All proceeds of the book sale will be sent to Melynda so she can continue treatment and get some assistance to allow her to continue enjoying life. To read more on Melynda and how this project got started you can visit Elisabeth author of the blog The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom and the master mind of this wonderful and thoughtful project.

You can buy Melynda's book on Amazon, for kindle, and on Smashwords!  

March 1st 2010 I sat in front of my computer screen frustrated as I tried to maneuver my way through menus that made no sense to me ~ Blogging was completely foreign to me. Not to mention [remembering] figuring out how to turn the computer on, was a huge accomplishment at that time, for me.
I remember thinking, this will get me out of doing scrap-booking as therapy and it's more interesting than other exercises I had been doing in speech therapy.  And with that I clicked "POST".

As, I explored this new [to me] medium I discovered some blogs and noticed some had comments at the end of their posts. Mine,- nada, zero, zilch! But that was OK the blogs I had discovered where fancy, and spoke of fashion, fun, entertainment ~ these people had really exciting lives and things to write about. Mine, was dull and the topic certainly not interesting reading~ after all who wants to read about how someone no longer really enjoys life.

We were about to go on our first vacation since my accident (almost 4 years earlier) and I was thinking that I really had nothing to say, not to mention the time it was taking for me to actually write a post [that made sense]. I was actually thinking about giving up on blogging. Then, while away I received 2 comments that would change that and make me look at blogging as a way to help others deal with challenges, they or a loved one were facing.  Barry and Sandy, I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed ... your words of encouragement on those comments gave be the strength to get a voice! 

Two years ago I had no idea what Blogger or blogging was. 

Today, I thank God and count my blessings for all the wonderful friends [you all know who you are] that the universe has sent my way via this thing called Blogging!!

Without your friendship, encouragement, and at times butt kicking emails AND most of all your great Posts that have gotten be out of from under the covers on some days [to see how each of you is doing], Because
I don't think I would be at the stage of recovery I am at, if it were not for some of you!

I'm still trying to figure out this blogging thing and what my voice really is here. But I hope along the way my writing [and I], has some how helped others; if with only a listening ear; a word of understanding or encouragement in a comment.

I am expecting to be back to regular posting and blog visits next week!
And with a great give away to help celebrate My 2 years in BlogLand...


  1. Congratulations to you on two years!

    I admire you for all your hard work and in making such strides over the last several years. And for making your beautiful blog what it is today in such a short time.

    You are an inspiration to me, my friend. Big hugs to you. Adrienne

  2. congrats on getting back into it!! I often feel discouraged about comments myself, just gotta keep on plugging at it right? never give up!

  3. Happy blogoversary then! I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging because I know you have a band of loyal followers :) Can't wait to see what the future brings for you here on your fabulous blog! x

  4. Awwww, Celia! We all love you so much and we are so happy you held in there. Your blog will continue to evolve as you do and as you heal from the inside out from your experience.

  5. Dearest Celia,
    You certainly are my Blog-Hero as I found you at the time of your 1st post-accident vacation. I'd just recovered from being paralyzed and it helped me for walking with a lot more confidence the long road to strength.
    Yes bloggers find each other through mutual interests but also by mutual support, nourishment and above all encouragement!
    THANKS for being such terrific Angel-Friend!

  6. You and I started right about the same time. I know I started the beginning of March the same year. I too almost quit early on and had never read a blog. I agree, it's the encouragement from other blogger's and the blog community that made me want to continue. Bloggers have the biggest hearts! Happy blog anniversary. xoxox

  7. Dear Celia,
    Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on an amazing life. I understand so much of what you said. I began my blog to find my voice. My husband was dying. I was his caregiver. I knew I needed something. I started taking photographs and posting them, but it was in talking about our journey that I grew. I don't get a lot of comments, but I get enough. And in the end, now that Kenny is gone, it is in being able to read and see my journey that I am most grateful.
    Have a wonderful "new year"

  8. Happy Blogiversary! It's great that you have so many friends from blogging!

  9. Celia, what an amazing change in two years! I, too, am thankful you stuck with blogging -- both for you and for Blogland. You're a wonderful part of the Blogland community, and I'm very glad we crossed paths. Here's to many more years of blogging therapy!

  10. Hi Celia, my name is Monica. met you through my good friend Susan of Avagraces Closet. I can relate to the blogging experience. It was my way of sharing my thoughts and creating awareness for our charity. Hope you follow us back www.flagphil.blogspot.com Look forward to more your stories.

  11. Celia,
    You are one of the most special people I've been fortunate enough to meet via this whole blogging thing. Please come and read one of the recent comments on your guest post :: people can relate. And you are helping more than you know.

  12. Two years, time flies when you're having fun, no ? :)
    I think I have been blogging for 2 years too ! I hadn't even thought of when I started but it was Feb, 2010..
    Let's toast each other and send kisses !!
    I hold close the sweetness of getting to meet you in person ..

  13. This is wonderful - your efforts have paid off! Way to stay with it! I've only been blogging a couple months and have enjoyed every minute. The kindest blog-friends are the ones with hundreds or thousands of followers :) so important to always do things for the pure joy of doing ..and never give up.

  14. Thats great, i am so glad i came across your blog a while ago, i enjoy reading your post.

  15. I have just stumbled upon your blog. What a courageous, honest, and smart woman you are! Reading your post on the Brain Injury site, I saw so much of myself in your writing. I do not have a brain injury, nor does anyone in my family. However, I have been through a life-changing experience and still do not really know what to do with it (if anything). Like you, I have a blog as a form of therapy. Like you, some days I don't really feel like saying anything, and some days I don't feel like I have much to offer. But, maybe I do. Who knows? If it helps someone, then I guess I do have somethng to say, right? I love your blog. You are a beautiful writer and have much to share.

  16. Hello Celia
    I am so glad you decided to continue blogging and happy that you are part of the Secret Blogging Sisters, I enjoy visiting and reading your blog. I sometimes think about not blogging anymore but I try to remember I am doing this for me not and if people don't read it then oh well!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  17. Two years is a lifetime in blog world and I am glad you will be returning to writing regular posts. I enjoy reading your posts and I know how hard it is to come up with something to write about but I have found it to be the most rewarding experience you can do for yourself not to mention meeting all of the wonderful bloggers out there.

  18. My dear Celia,

    This is an example of how we can go through life without realizing the affect we have on others, I had no idea Sandy and I were able to help inspire you to keep going. You're an amazing person and I feel your life was spared so that you could enrich the lives of those who need hope, love and encouragement to push through the tough times. Thank you for the times you've done this for me.


  19. Celia...your blog is so inspirational to all of us who look forward to your posts..Happy 2 year Anniversary!

  20. This is a beautiful, heart warming post and your lovely voice comes across loud and clear. What an inspiring person you are and another example of someone triumphing despite the hard knock fate dealt you.

  21. Happy to have discovered you blog... love your philosophy on life and tea! Newly following... :)

  22. Your perseverance and courage in recovery, generosity in truthfully sharing your experiences, and your appreciation of beauty in things large & small are an inspiration to me (also recovering from a brain injury)and to others.

    Thank you for sharing.
    You are a blessing. May each day increase your blessings.

  23. love your post.......it's the truth.you just don't know whose path you'll cross while blogging and how it can change things. keep on keeping on celia.

  24. My precious Celia,

    You are absolutely LOVELY. I adore your new picture, to see who you ARE and you are an angel, a completely lovely person. Blogging has been a thrill, a challenge (trying to find the time to be consistent!) but most of all a life-changing experience. Thank YOU my friend, for coming to visit last night, and I wish you the most HAPPIEST of a new season and to continue on your journey of creativity and LIFE!

    HUGS TO YOU! Anita

  25. Your blog is always wonderful. I am always so impressed by your artistic ability and creativity...each post is always a joy! You keep bloggin' girl! We need you here in the blogoshphere!

  26. Hey Celia....I love your blog and your spirit and so glad you came on board. I too have healed so much from the awesome support and friendship of bloggy buds. Will check out your friend's book. She sounds like she too walks empowered. Stay strong and can't wait to see you back on a regular basis.

  27. Hello! I know exactly what you mean with the comments part! When I first started out my blog, those first couple of comments I got were oh-so-inspiring that I didn't quit!

    Have a great weekend!

  28. Happy 2 year! I am so proud and happy for you!!! :)
    You are one of the first bloggers I met and will be forever grateful for your advice <3

    That book is so full of heart - that is so beautiful for someone to do!! I love seeing people do amazing things like that.

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  30. Dahling! If all you ever do is bring us the beauty of tea, tea tables, tea cups, tea foods, tea anything, you have brightened our world. Beauty is not to be scoffed at. But when you top that with your Indomitable Spirit - well you just bless every one of us out here.

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