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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Make YOUR vote count!! I need YOUR HELP

In BlogLand we come across many wonderful and inspiring blogs one of those blogs for me is Riley's Smile. I have been following Stacie and her wonderful warm and from the heart written posts. Riley is incredible and his life and that of his loving family is an inspiration to all whose life they touch (via virtual or in person).

When I stopped in for my visit today and read Stacie's post about The Ugliest Blog Contest... I knew this was something that my friends in BlogLand could help with!! NO... Riley's Smile is not an ugly blog ... but Stacie feels that the blog "could use a little professional help to achieve desired impact and bring in a larger audience", So if winning The Ugliest Blog contest helps her ... Let's all VOTE!! When you get to the voting page ... you can scroll down to where the thumbnails are ... click on the STAR VOTE - under Riley's Smile linky button - to cast your vote!! Clicking on the actual Riley's Smile button will take you to Stacie's blog and no vote is cast. ( Yes, I found out by trial error ..lol)

I'm asking for your help , because I believe that Stacie's and Riley's story is one that will help so many. Also this will hopefully expose Riley's Smile to new readers... Thank you for your friendship and support of Riley's Smile.


Voting Ends February 10/12

image via Riley's Smile 

ABOUT Riley's Smile ... From Stacie's About section.

About: Riley's smile graces me every day now. His smile wasn't always there and this is my chronicle of finding his smile and those of my entire family along the way. I share my life with my husband, John, and two beautiful sons, Riley and Ronan. I share our story with the intention of coming to my own peace with all the past eight years has brought us. I also hope that in sharing, others experiencing special needs may gain their own insights and peace. 

Thank you.


  1. Wow, it looks like such a special blog!!! I hope you're having a nice weekend!!!

  2. I will go check her blog out now! Thanks for your comment :) Yes, you may substitute the wheat germ! Glad you enjoyed my post! Make sure to come on over and check out my new design and tell me what you think!

    Best wishes from,

  3. I voted! What an inspirational blog :)
    Thank you for spreading the goodness throughout blogland!


  4. I'll be voting and visiting. Not sure what blog I came over from, but I live a very low-heeled life and love my sneakers!

  5. let me just say that you are the best example of reaching out and helping others ... thank you - I want to be more like you!

  6. I voted for her! Hope they win

  7. I want so much to give you a great big hug right now! Thank you so very much for this amazing kindness! One day we are really having tea.
    I also thank your wonderful readers for offering their support to me as well.
    Thank you, sincerely. Stacie


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