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Friday, February 10, 2012

Afternoon Setting for Two

A couple of weeks ago we were graced with some winter snow (which has been MIA for the most part this winter). It was bitter cold outside, so the Mr. and I decided to curl up on the sofa for an afternoon of movies; reading and just relaxing.

We brought out the breakfast tray to ensemble our afternoon treats. Since it's the month of Romance (though who needs to wait for February to enjoy a little Romance); 
we topped the breakfast tray with heart shaped place mats; 

the tableware pieces, have French romantic sayings which was perfect...

I had some left over XO pieces from the cards we did for our God children, so a little sprinkling of XOs

Originally we were going to make some hot chocolate and decided to use the made in Japan chocolat chaud set. There's a romantic scene of a couple with a musician playing in the background. The petite chocolate cups also have the trio on one side and the back is lovely gold detail.

The back of the cup was hard to capture ... but it looks the same as the teapot. Imagine back when chocolat chaud was served in such hand painted lovelies.

Instead of sweets ... we decided on some fresh figs, cheeries and rye toast topped with butter and rose jam.

Can you see the snow through the french doors?

Chocolat chaud just didn't seem quite right with these delights....

Tea was made ... and instead of replacing the lovely chocolate set ..we drank from the petite cups.

Is it snowy where you live or do you have wonderful sunshine and warm weather?

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  1. I was out shopping a few weeks ago and saw those plates and almost bought them! Then I remembered I just dont need any more plates...ever! LOL

  2. What a wonderful tea. It is a good thing I don't have to wait for snow, just bundles of sunshine to serve with my tea--which at this moment is coffee.

  3. Absolutely lovely. Those plates are adorable too.
    Typically sunshine in Florida but a little overcast today.
    Have a beautiful day, Celia.

  4. A very pretty and inspiring tea setting! I'm sure it was a special time for your two. Great way to celebrate togetherness in bad weather...have a tea!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful afternoon -- a movie, your sweetie, and this pretty setting and delicious healthy treats! Those napkins really caught my eye, too. It's chilly but sunny here in central Texas today!

  6. Dearest Celia,

    Wow, that is quite a picture the one with cherries and snow in the background! What a delicious treat you presented here. Loved your 'Chocolat chaud' pot and the dainty cups & saucers; so elegant and romantic! Looks also very much like the French Limoges china. You have the nicest treasures and you know how to use them too. That's how we can brighten any cold or dark day in our lives. You are blessed with possessing this exceptional gift. Enjoy it and hope the movie was fun and you had happy and cozy readings.
    Love to you,


    Oh, under my post there was more to find out about our Dachshund Mauzie... I miss her but with all the traveling we did we could not replace her with another one. Cats are easier now.

  7. How darling! I LOVE these colors. They are sooo absolutely beautiful :0)

  8. So so romantic Celia! What a special afternoon it must have been...we have a very mild winter here, and with temps now in the 70's, I am not sure if it will get cold again...I only hope that that means that our summer will not be extended!
    Stay warm, enjoy your weekend...did you find Downton? I have friends in Toronto that watch it ~ You can get the first season on DVD, or watch it on PBS.com on your computer...
    Sunday nights :)
    Take care,

  9. Oh, wow...you DID get a pretty good dose of the white stuff! We have so far been lucky enough to miss out on it, but single-digit temps are on their way as of tomorrow. Rats! Just when I have to spend a Saturday outdoors in the open! :-( The most romantic tables are those set in an impromptu manner with only the love you have for each other as inspiration. Well done! Have a happy Valentine's Day, and stay warm!

  10. Hope this posts. I came here earlier, but my computer decided to get PMSy. In answer to the final question? We're WARM here. We're so unseasonably warm that our azaleas are coming out two months early. OUCH and not good.

    I love the shot with the glimpse of snow in the window. That's so pretty! Actually the whole thing is romantic and just plain lovely. I love the hot chocolate set. It's absolutely stunning.

  11. There is nothing like a cup of tea and good conversation and quality time with a loved one!..Beautiful setting!

  12. Spending quality time with our loved ones is so important! How nice that you did this and your china is lovely ;)


  13. Times like your tea party always make me really grateful for snowy weather...a great recipe for precious time together. Your chocolate set is gorgeous! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  14. this is beautiful!! It looks so vintage chic!

    >Want a makeover? I'VE GOT YOU COVERED! Come on over to Classic+Glam Blog for a free coupon to Lancome in honor of 10 posts and 58 followers! :))

    Best Wishes from,

  15. It all looks so beautiful and inviting. Wow...you guys really did get snow. there's not even a flake around here. Doesn't really even feel like winter this year.

  16. This is my first time to your blog. What an interesting journey you're on and how wonderful that you are sharing it with us. Your table is beautiful! I can't stop ooh-ing and ah-ing over that teapot! Thanks for visiting my blog and stay warm!

  17. Wow, this looked so romantic and wonderful!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Have an even more beautiful weekend!


  18. Gorgeous! Looks so romantic and cozy. Hope you enjoyed the lovely snow -- still sunny, but brrr -- 22 degrees here!

    Thanks for the kind comments on my blog lately, it has been a lot to shoulder so I appreciate your thoughtful words!

    - JS

  19. What a great way to spend the afternoon - I love that chocolate pot - stunning! I have never eaten a fig just plain - looks wonderful

  20. Oh wow I adore all the table decorations, especially the Japanese set, that jug is out of this world! It sounds like you had a lovely time! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

  21. What a great way to enjoy some quality time with your sweetie! Your tea set is beautiful! We're finally supposed to get some snow this evening, although 2 inches or less. I'd like at least one decent snow before winter ends; just no ice. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  22. Figs! They're so gorgeous. You tea settings make me want to go downstairs right now, dig my teapot collection out of storage and put in its right place! So pretty.

    Wanted to let you know, that I tagged you in today's post on Mercantile Muse. If you want to play along, great. If not, no worries. It's just for fun.

    Happy Friday C.

  23. I love that you make everything so special...and decadent! A girl after my own heart.
    LOVE those plates! They are perfect.

  24. How utterly romantic. I love it!

    We have had a little rain today...but otherwise a very dry and sunny winter.
    Happy weekend to you! xoxo, A

  25. Ohhhhhh, those figs are making me crazy. I never take time for tea, but you've inspired me completely. xx's

  26. Nothing more romantic than to be with your honey in front of a warming fire! We haven't had much snow here in upstate NY either. We are supposed to get some snow and cold weather this weekend. I may just have to copy you!!!

  27. What kind of tea? Nevah neglect to mention that tidbit dalink!! It is supposed to snow over the weekend. I'm ready. Went shopping for "if it snows" stuff. As usual, your tea settings inspire me to slow down and use the good stuff. Thank you!!

  28. Oh wow, this is so totally breathtaking!!! What a beautiful post! And it is fabulous that you are writing a book...Your story is completely inspiring and moving--and so is your blog. XO Cindy

  29. Love the xoxo's and heart shaped place mats. You know I love your china!


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