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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week~end Dreaming ...

These items can all be found here

The weather has certainly been unpredictable so far this season. Usually by now we are knee deep ~ OK ankle deep, in the white fluffy snow. This year despite being bitter cold one day (way below freezing) the next day will be an almost 20 degree difference, above zero.
I would be most content if the weather would accommodate wearing this!

But, this morning we woke to a blanket of white snow, where grass should be. Not to mention the brisk   cold wind... I will be staying inside and perhaps doing some of this:

What will your week-end bring?

Henry crystal-embellished rose gold-plated watch
Fermion two-tone knitted turtleneck
Checked angora-blend knitted scarf
Shearling calf boots
Ladybird 18-karat white gold ruby earrings
Mid-rise boot cut jeans


  1. Same here Celia only without the snow. Although, we are expecting a bit of a wintery mix tomorrow night and into Monday morning. Nothing to worry about as the ground is still warmer than the air.

    I'm just reading and "lounging"...playing catch-up on blog reading.


  2. Dear Celia
    Oh I love your picks for the weekend! Apart from that I'll look after cats and dream of thick fluffy snow, baking, reading and taking a long bath with a facial, lol!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday - and thanks for your always so sweet words on my blog.

  3. Hi Celia,
    Nice clothes you're showing us :-) Today we'll be celebrating my grandmother's 93!!! Birthday. I feel really blessed that I still have a grandmother and although physically she's not very strong anymore, her mind is still as sharp as ever which I think is a real blessing.

    Have a lovely Sunday
    Brigitta XX

  4. Hi Celia,

    Nice clothes! Thanks for the wonderful comment! I spent my weekend
    so far- finishing my son in laws Military Collage for his retirement gift, made the new blog banner and button. I also made red velvet cake balls for Valentine's Day and tomorrow which is my (Sunday as I work Tuesday-Saturday) I am baking my rolled heart butter cookies. Have a wonderful week! Yes family is everything! Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from me!

  5. Dearest Celia,

    Great post and you are so right about the changes in temperature. Up and down. We had the wind blowing so mean and cold yesterday, coming from Canada and thus we had a good frost -8°C and again tonight something like -6° and Wednesday again 21°C during the day. Yesterday was a busy day, cooking for some people from our Church. One widow and one widower and you know how it is for them to be able to dine with others instead of being lonely, day after day. I didn't mind spoiling them. One married couple and the two of us. House clean and I collapsed after cleaning up. Pieter is a great help unloading the dish washer and such. The bonus was that today I still had enough soup and other food left; no cooking. Mom turned 88 today so we called as usual. Brief as my sister-in-law had just arrived back from the hospital. It never does cross their minds to update me as well... just break off and celebrate the birthday and leaving me hanging there for answers. But well, I'm used to that, it's the fate of an immigrant I guess and other people seldom can envision themselves into the live of others...
    Today was a perfect day for baking. I will show it tomorrow on my blog; something very special! There was not enough time to bake, cool it down and putting it into the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours and than making the photos. I prefer sunlight and hope it will be tomorrow like today. Nippy but sunny.
    Love to you and enjoy your cozy time indoors!


  6. What a lovely ensemble!

    We have finally gotten a little bit of rain. We have had the warmest winter I can remember in California and I've lived here since 1985!

    I wish we could get some snow once in a while, even just in the hills. But I don't think it will happen this year.

    Have a great Monday and Happy Valentine's Day a little early! xoxo, A

  7. like the clothes and I can really use that bubble bath right now. Hope your weekend was great.

  8. I'm staying inside today also and hopefully doing some of that, too :) Happy Valentine's Day to you and a great week!

    Kristin x

  9. I stayed home and puttered...there's no way I was going out in this cold and snow! I hear it is bitter cold today...I dont need to go out until tomorrow so I guess it will be day 3 of sitting inside.

  10. Other than going out for dinner we also stayed in and snuggled. We had snow and it was brutally cold!

  11. Wonderful combination of clothes and perfect for the Pacific Northwest cold, dark, rainy days!


  12. That is my go-to outfit. Every day pretty much! Cozy and comfortable.

  13. Such an adorable outfit! Makes the waiting for Spring a little more tolerable if one can do so in cute clothes. Hugs, JS


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