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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Reflexology and Chakras for Balanced Health...

It's hard to believe in just a couple of days we will be saying good-bye to January 2012... Wow time certainly is flying by.  As 2011 came to an end you reflected on the year ... did you make any resolutions? Plans? Goals? for 2012.

If you read my post HAPPY NEW YEAR.... What Are Your 2012 Plans? you already know, like many people I wrote out some plans that I have for creating Me and my life ~ moving forward. Looking back over January I have started taking action of my plans: 

Embrace Country Living ~ I researched and discovered a fun activity to do with a couple of girlfriends HERE in the country you can read it here.

Make a Difference in the Life of  a Child ~ we had Miss M. (God Daughter), come and spend of  few days. read it here..

Just before the month comes to an end I'll also be able to say I'm also starting on my plan to Reduce the toxins in my body from medications, by sourcing alternative healing methods. I'll be starting with Reflexology (though I've done this before ... I need to start again).

WHAT IS REFLEXOLOGY? Reflexology  focuses on reliving stress and tension in the body through  feet. There are reflexes in the feet that correspond to glands, organs and other parts of the body. A Reflexology Therapist can detect imbalance within the body by palpating the  feet. By massaging and pressing specific landmarks they can stimulate and send energy to the unbalanced areas of the body.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Reflexology has short and long term benefits. Immediately after a session of reflexology relaxation and a release of stress and tension are apparent benefits. More long term benefits have been reported as reduced pain from migraines, constipation, neck and back problems, reduced PMS symptoms, increased circulation and an improved immune system. 

Along with reflexology I'm going to be doing some Chakra Healing (balancing) work.

WHAT IS CHAKRA HEALING (balancing)? Chakras are vital energy centers where spiritual energy flows into the body. Chakra healing involves developing awareness, releasing blocks and increasing the flow through these spiritual energy centers.

BENEFITS OF CHAKRA HEALING (balancing)A healthier flow of energy through the aura creates greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Though I will be going to someone who is a specialist in this area, with a little research you can learn to heal/balance your own Chakras.  Below are the results of an on line test I did to see where my Chakras needed some work.  You can do your own test by CLICKING HERE (Chakra Test).

I would love to hear if you have done either Reflexology or Chakra Healing (balancing) and what you thought? Or are there other things you have tried that you would like to share...

Chakra Test Results for Celia

  • YOUR Root Chakra
  • is CLOSED

  • YOUR Sacral Chakra
  • is WEAK

  • YOUR Personal Power Chakra
  • is CLOSED

  • YOUR Heart Chakra
  • is CLOSED

  • YOUR Throat Chakra
  • is CLOSED

  • YOUR Intuitive Chakra
  • is CLOSED

  • YOUR Crown Chakra
  • is CLOSED


    1. Dearest Celia,

      Why is your photo not showing in the side line? A pity as visual things draw a lot more attention than words.
      Interesting post! Indeed where did January go... can't keep up with the time, already for the 1st month of 2012!
      As for me, I've never done any Reflexology or Chakra. Interesting to do the test and there is some truth in it towards the end.
      Hope you will enjoy your sessions and benefit from it. Indeed, getting rid of the toxins of medication is a goal. Hope this year I will manage to get rid of another medication. In November when I got off of my Prednisone, that was great news. Pieter is probably coming off of his Plavix; we'll know on Monday afternoon. That would mean a good $ 200.00 less spending monthly. A big Huray in two ways; getting rid of toxins and keeping more of our dollars.
      Lots of love to you dear friend!
      Have a great weekend together.


    2. celia, i haven't done reflexology but think it sounds great. i haven't done chakra healing but i have some stones that represent the chakras and sometimes do chakra meditation with them during my yoga practice. i really need to get back on my mat. best of luck with both. wtg on the list.

    3. I have done both and recommend both together actually; if our chakras are blocked it can prevent other remedies/meditations etc from working correctly.
      I have a CD/meditation I use once a month for Chakra clearing.If you would like me to send you a copy of my CD just shout Angel ;-)

      I have also tried Reiki and acupuncture all of which have their place, and which I can recommend. In fact when I am in the UK, I have acupuncture regularly to keep the meridians flowing well.
      Juicing is also another great way you can rid yourself of toxins daily; something I plan to undertake more of this year ;-) If it's toxins from medication in particular, I would also suggest a good liver cleanse (e.mail me if you wish ;-)
      Enjoy your treatments :-)

    4. A lesser known fact about me is that I studied Reiki and can practice it. Part of my training we were taught how to discover chakras and how to meditate. I was astounded at the benefits I felt from it. A super post and very educational.
      I haven't tried Reflexology because my feet are exceptionally ticklish and I would just giggle all the time uncontrollably.
      Lovely to be back here and we both send our very best wishes to you for 2012. (belatedly I know!)
      Much love and many hugs

    5. I once tried reflexology on holiday in Hong Kong - wonderful experience.


    6. Celia,

      While I have not gone to anyone who specializes in Chakras, I read a wonderful book that deals with the balances of Chakras, which organs they relate to and how it relates to other religions and your spirit. The The Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss is a wonderful book with great insight. I learned so much from this book and would recommend it to anyone trying to find equal balance in their life.

      1. Kris thanks so much I have made note of the book and will look for it next time I'm in the city..Hugs,

    7. Right now, I just know I could use my chakras being balanced!!! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!!

    8. OK, so where is your widget, gadget thingie so people can follow you????!!

      Thank you for finding me.

      1. Hi Tish... sounds like google was acting up during your visit.. the follow button can be found under the Keep Calm and Follow Along - image- just click on the join this site - blue button (if google is not playing with us..) thanks for your visit .. wishing a fabulous evening..

    9. This is awesome. And soooo helpful. I actually met my husband at a Reiki meeting ;). I LOVE your blog!

    10. I love your short but cute posts, gal!

      please, would you do me the honor of following? I'm a newbie, so your support is needed and truly appreciated! Thanks!



    11. Thank you for your lovely comment! I started following you, too! :)

    12. I don't think I could do chakras I can't even walk straight. I have heard good things about reflexology. It only makes sense. When I get a pedicure and they massage your feet I feel like I am in heaven. I am betting that that will work wonders.
      Let us know how it works out.
      Blessings, Ginger

    13. You always have such wonderful inspirations here Celia! I am off to check my chakras! Great job on getting started with your goals...I am still thinking it is the first week in January?? And I have time?? Oh dear, time is flying ~
      Have a wonderful week my friend!


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