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Friday, January 27, 2012

What's the bottom of your teacup saying?

One of my 2012 plans is to Embrace living in the country - by sourcing local services, activities and social events. So when I went in search of a fun way to celebrate January- Hot Tea month, with some friends, I discovered a Tea Boutique not far from our home ~ hosting Art of Tea Sampling paired with Chocolate, if this wasn't enough to peek our taste buds and curious minds a Tea Leaf Reading was also part of the tea service.

The mysterious art of Tea Leaf reading most likely originated in the Middle East and the Orient; at a time when camel caravans of spices and silks carried exotic wares between China and the Mediterranean. In the third century A.D. Trade routes began to appear in order to procure horses for the Han Dynasty - extending from China to the Arabian Sea.

Tasseography or Tea Leaf Reading is a divination method that interprets patterns in tea leaves.  The words tasseography , tasseomancy or tassology, originate  from French tasse (cup) or Arabic tassa (cup) + Greek graph (writing), logy (study of) or mancy (divination).

From left ~ Me, Ms. L, and Ms. J.

What better way for three tea loving friends to celebrate January The Month of Hot Tea, than with a Tea Leaf Reading and chocolate pairing. Tea Leaf Readings were done by Candice Clancy - an Intuitive & Spiritual Medium, who is popular in Ireland, England and Scotland.

Upon arriving  we were asked to choose a tea and once it was served, made our way upstairs to drink our tea and wait our  turn.

Upstairs wonderful Dolfin Chocolate from Belgian, along with some (leaf free) tea, awaited our arrival.

After our leaves were interpreted we decided to stay and have some lunch in the downstairs restaurant. The food was beyond delicious, and we enjoyed it so much that we were all too busy eating and cameras were forgotten.

Have you had your Tea Leaves read ?


  1. That is soo cool I would have loved to do something like that I should google search it up!

  2. Coooo-eeee I am back!
    I am so happy to be back on -line and able to visit you. I would LOVE to have my tea leaves read. My Grandma used to read the leaves but dies when I was very young.
    As always I love your blog and your photos!
    Just going to catch up on all your posts now.
    Love from us both

  3. I've never had this done, but would love to! What I'm really interested in is what your leaves said about you? Do tell!

  4. How lucky are you? I'v always fancied having a tea reading, but didn't know anyone to do it. Hope yours spelt good times ahead ;-) xx

  5. This sounds like a lot of fun, so what did your leaves tell you?

  6. My gram was from Yorkshire, England. She was a loose tea kind of gal and ALWAYS read my tea leaves. I loved that! thanks for the memory. glad you got out with pals and found a new spot to enjoy.

  7. Dearest Celia,

    WHAT a fun experience you all three had! No, I've never had my tea leaves read to me. In Indonesia I drank lots of tea with leaves when I was doing the training for the mushroom project there. They offered me a glass of HOT-HOT tea and you kind of had to get it off your lips in a funny way. Nobody did 'read my lips; nor tea leaves...'.
    Have a wonderful day and a cozy weekend! Love these educational posts from you. A culture that needs to be known far more yet.


  8. I would love to do neat. I wonder what mine would say. . .

  9. guys look great together....your smiles are the best. The time you shared sounds great. Not being much of a tea drinker....I never thought to have the leaves read...Ok...curious....what did your leaves say????.

  10. Great photo! Looks like a fun day. I've had my tea leaves read several times. It's always interesting to see what the tea leaves tell them.

  11. Oh, this sounds like fun beyond belief!
    What a unique way to spend time with friends. I hope your leaves predicted lots of love and laughter!
    Big hugs to you!
    p.s. We'd love to have you share this post, it's such a great idea for a day with the girls!

    1. Hi Patti would be happy to share it.. let me know how and when..xo

  12. Hi Sweet Friend, This sounds like so much fun and such interesting teachings you share. I have never had my tea leaves read and it is fascinating. What a great day sharing tea for you three lovely ladies. Friendship, tea leaves and chocolate. Does it get any better?

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Blessings always, Celestina MarieXO

  13. I have not had my tea leaves read and I think it would be fun ..
    We have a wonderful place that sells wonderful teas here .. my new favorite is full of flowers and spices .. the name is Taj Mahal :)

    If I could read the leaves, I think they would say ....
    You Will Take A Long Trip :)

    1. Ohhhh ... how I wish I was back in BA ... this time after a few days in Recoletta I would venture into wine country ... and I think they also have a tea growing region... wishing a fabulous day! xo HHL

  14. I have never had my tea leaves red but in the Croatian culture...they read coffee grinds {turkish coffee to be specific} ~ same concept, except you turn over the cup.
    I've also had a reading done with fava beans. Now that was odd!
    This looks was too fun.

    1. I've heard of coffee grinds being read... that is amazing too!! The fava bean now that is a new one...

  15. What a great idea! Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

    From a cold Norway...

  16. No, but I am pretty sure it would say, "Get your nose out of your teacup and get back to work!" It's just too easy to sit down with a cuppa and contemplate nothing! I would love the look at the teapots and cups on the shelf behind the table with the chocolate on it! I would also love that huge beautiful seafoam green mug and saucer! Do you know where it came from?

    1. Hi there.. so happy you visited today. Sometimes we need to do just that -- nothing..:) unfortunately I hear you - the world often does not allow for it. I'm not sure on the origins of the cup but will ask next time I'm in the shop .. it is a nice one and feels good to hold. happy Friday.

  17. Loved reading this post!! Too cool. I've never heard of this before..sounds like an interesting time :) What did they say about your tea leaves?

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  18. I would love to do that sometime!
    Thanks for the wonderful uplifting comments you place on my blog!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs and blessings from me!


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