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Friday, August 20, 2010

Auntie V visits Dolce

Mommy and Auntie V have known each other for many years. Auntie V is from Paris, France -but now lives in New York. When Auntie V comes to visit I am a really happy. She  spoils understands me and is always reay to play! Before Auntie V arrived I helped Mommy set a casual welcoming ... with lots of goodies.

Would you like some help Auntie V? I'm a big boy...

Ok ... Let's Play

Look how fast I can run...I'll get it...!!

5 more minutes ... bark, bark... ok 1 more throw..?

Auntie V stayed over night ... Yeahhh... more playing in the morning!!! It was a very nice day, so Mommy and I set breakfast outside on the patio...

Daddy took Mommy and Aunti V for dinner, I couldn't go something about they don't allow doggies in a restaurant --- don't they realize I have hair not fur? I'm just a really hairy baby...

This is what I missed out on seeing...

Daddy's dinner - Pasta Verdi with brandy sauce...

Mommy's dinner - Filleto Amalfi on veggies and raost potatoes

Auntie V's dinner - Large Grilled Shrimp with vegetables

Must convince Mommy and Daddy to go back to Paris, they let hairy babies like me in restaurants!!!

See you next Friday.... Paws & Licks Dolce


  1. I have a Yorkie too... Ginger says "hi."

    Once I was enjoying a glass of wine on the Champs Elysees, and I felt something warm on my foot. I looked down, and a tiny Yorkie was asleep there, right under the table... loved it!

  2. I love the european attitude towards dogs...I was in a pub in Wales and the farmers would come in for a pint and their dog would nap at their feet. So sweet.

    I find it annoying that here you can't even have your dog on a patio! Tho...tho...I know for Woofstock weekend at least the bars on The Esplanade allow dogs on their patios - which is very smart because the fine would be nothing compared to the business they get from thousands of grateful doggy parents!

  3. i kept waiting for your sweet yorkie
    to pounce on one of those adorable
    pink shoes!

    looks like a fabulous time was had
    by all!!!!

  4. We need to fix Dolce up with my "sister-in-law" Precious. He's so cute!

  5. Such a cute post!

    I love your little doggie and am glad you had a fun visit with your Aunt.

  6. The food looks yummy! It's true about dogs in restaurants... Very animal-friendly :-) Have a happy weekend!

  7. YUM!!!!!!!!! What fun treats and dinner looks amazing. Dolce is a sweetie, he makes me want a pup of my own, and that is saying a lot, since I am a dedicated cat person! Happy weekend! - J

  8. I am so glad Dolce had fun with Auntie V! They are relatively animal friendly down here. At some of the downtown restaurants and pubs we can bring our dogs. When you walk along the down town area some of the shop owners have water dishes outside their shops for dogs. Plus we have the dog parks and beaches.

    Thank you for another delightful Dolce post! Such a cutie pie!

    ~ Tracy

  9. Such a cute post, my dear! And those pictures.... hmmmmm yummy ;-)

    I'm so sorry for my lack of comments, my friend, I've read all the posts, just failed the words.

    Much love and blessings to you.

  10. And have a fantastic weekend ;-)

  11. I feel I'm getting to know this dog now! He is so cute!! Have a lovely weekend!! xoxoxo

  12. Hey girly! Just came across your blog and absolutely love it! You have a new follower!


  13. Meal out .. treat in itself :)
    I love Dolce and Paris have the perfect idea xx

  14. What a luscious post and fun as well with that little Yorkie at the helm!!!! WOW, can someone cook at your house! Everything is simply DIVINE...and speaking of which, I thank you for coming to my post this morning. Comments from you are always so sweet. Carry on the dream dearest and dance on, always, in your heart. I do, since I can barely lift my leg anymore!!!! HHEEEEEE! Anita


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