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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Drive along the countryside ~ Encounter with Ms. Turtle

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When we set out on our countryside drives we never know what adventure we will encounter
or what mother nature will surprise us with....

On this particular drive - Mr. G. spotted a large turtle at the side of the road. 

As we approached to get a better look a few photos ... I thought the turtle was stuck...

Then its leg lifted ... and I was thinking YES! it's free ... 

Then just as quickly the leg went down again ... 

Then the leg went up again ....

This time it did not go back down as quickly ... and we discovered what was happening...

This turtle wasn't stuck .... she was laying eggs!!!! 

We don't know how long before we stopped she had been laying eggs ... during the 20 minutes or so we were there we must have counted a dozen and half eggs ... 

All of a sudden ... she lifted up both back legs...

And without missing a beat ... she began to use her back legs to re-collect the dirt she had dug out earlier and began to cover her eggs... we left at this time .

We went back later in the day .... and the area (hole) was completely cover and the average person would be no wiser to what miracle in nature had occurred at this spot only a few hours earlier. 

This was definitely not something one wakes up or thinks about "Hmmm... I hope I will get to see a snapping turtle lay her eggs" ... but it is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.
Nature is amazing!!!

What adventures in nature have you stumbled across?

with blessings and gratitude,

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  1. This is a sweet story and how magical you were there, camera in hand, in the right moment. Such a tough life for a turtle and right near a road. How nice to think of baby turtles hatching one day soon.

  2. This was an amazing story Celia. I truly enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures. Wouldn't it be something if you were there when they hatched taking more pictures!! I have no clue how long that might take. Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

    1. Yes .. that would be amazing !! research indicates a turtle egg to hatch will depend on how cold or hot it is, humidity and rainfall. Generally speaking it takes 45-90 days for a turtle egg to hatch. We'll check on the spot on our drives between city and country. xo

  3. Very cool to see the turtle laying its eggs. Great captures.

  4. Dearest Celia,
    Oh my, those photos are incredible and that of a snapping turtle! You were brave for staying there to photograph her action. We have watched some other turtle lay eggs, from our bay window but she was not as huge as a snapping turtle.
    Thanks for sharing these incredible pictures.


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