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Friday, November 30, 2012

Editing (decluttering) Your Wardrobe ...

Now that you have determined your "New Style" (click here for What's Your Style post) it's time to edit your closet of all garments that do not reflect Your Style.

You will need: 5 bins (boxes or laundry baskets will do) - label each as follows: Ditch, Donate, Sell, Keep,Tailor & Refresh.

A clothing rack for the keep items

A good friend who will be strong, hold your hand and not let you keep anything that is less than a 4/4.

Step 1: Remove ALL the clothes from your closet and place them on the bed.

As you make your way through each item in your closet - it must rate 4/4 - anything less, the item must go.

Do not even think about keeping any item less than a 4 ~ not even for gardening, running errands, or walking your four-legged furbaby; frumpy is no longer a word that will be used to describe your look, no matter your style.

As I worked through my pile of clothes on the bed - these are the questions I asked in determining the fate of each garment.

1) Condition of each garment? - Is it ... stretched out of shape?pilling? permanently stained or damaged? if you were able to answer  to any of these ... into the Ditch it bin, QUICK!!!

2) What era is the piece from? ~ holding on to a piece hoping it will come back into style ...  have you worn it in the past 12 months? Unless it's a classic piece, sorry to burst your bubble - It's NOT coming back in fashion - Donate.

3) Fit? - does it fit as it should? is the fit flattering? Does it give you confidence? If you answered NO to any of these ... time to add to the Donation pile. The fit of a garment is very important, it can either give you confidence or deflate your mood.

4) Is the garment relative to your current life? ~ if your closet is filled with suits for the corporate life you no longer have ... Time to let it go. Either Sell it and get some funds to help in the rebuilding of appropriate wardrobe pieces OR Donate, so someone else can put it to use.

Step 2:
Items that were "Keep" went on to the clothes rack.

Now that you have sorted out the MUST GO items, 
it will be easier to assess the remaining items. ~

Carefully re-evaluate the items on the clothes rack one more time.
These are the questioned I asked myself as I tried each one on again.
If an item did not get all 4 check marks ~ it had to go into the Ditch, Donate, or Sell bin.

The items that remained were actually items that I could wear and meant my Style. My closet had been so stacked with items that did not fit me or my new life ~ that these items were difficult to identify. And I would become so overwhelmed with making a choice on what to wear - that I went for the easy (frumpy) stuff - which only made me feel less confident and really affected my motivation.

One Final Step...
(Step 2A)

How often have you been getting ready (usually in a rush) and not been able to wear a specific item because it required minor repair (a button replaced, a hem taken up) or needs to be ironed ? Frustrating no?  

All items on the clothing rack, must be in ready to wear condition..

Do one final sort - if it's ready to wear as is, it stays on the rack. If it needs to be tailored or refreshed before you wear it next, NOW is the time to address this.

It may start to look like you have eliminated a good portion of your wardrobe, don't despair. The items that remain are what looks and feels good on you. And now that some have been Tailored and Refreshed, you will actually have a few more pieces to wear, that otherwise would just be taking up valuable space in your closet.

Once items have been Refreshed and Tailor, it's time to look at your wardrobe and see what key pieces may be missing from your wardrobe to complete your style.

It is also the time to look at your closet (now that it's clutter free - empty) and determined if available space is being well utilized? can you see and get to each item easily?

Step 3
I'll be sharing some basic pieces to jump start a wardrobe and 
looking closer at closet organization, next time. 

Till then, below are some closet storage solutions to get you thinking.

What tips can you share for wardrobe editing? How often do you edit your wardrobe?

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  1. Oh, you know this is my very favorite subject!
    I clean out the closet twice a year at minimum Spring/Summer and then again Winter/Fall. I also purge/sell/donate on an ongoing basis keeping it in a little pile until it gets too big and then into a bag to donate it goes.
    After reading your amazing post though, (so thorough!) I think I am still holding on to things for the wrong reasons...namely, I paid x amount for them and feel guilty to get rid of them! Do you do that??

  2. I hate removing items from my wardrobe! It took moving repeatedly for me to get used to culling the dead weight.
    Great tips.
    When I have some spare change to replace items I will go through my closet again!

  3. What a completely thorough post on this subject. Yes, it's hard to let go of beautiful things, even if we don't wear them. My daughter was helping me once, she had a few rolling racks full of items for me to decide upon. I hesitated at one outfit in particular, I had loved it so much...she said, "if you wear this people will know how old you are."
    "Nuff said.

  4. Wow I think you have covered it! I love your methodology!!

    2012 Artists Series & Giveaway

  5. I am kinda chuckling a little as I envision myself doing a bit of closet editing with my hubby :)

    You are right.. We need to do all these things on theft whilst basis. Wonderful Celia!!

  6. What a great post and perfect timing. Get rid of the old as we hope for the new! Thank you for sharing. You just earned yourself a new follower. Keep up the great work.



  7. I sure needed this post. My closet is stuffed and I tend to grab the same old outfits. It's time and thank you for the pointers!

  8. Dearest Celia,
    SUPER post! So true and it is hard for letting go of items. Especially good fitting and quality pieces. But I make it an effort of trying to have a winter and summer wardrobe, in separate closets. Soon we will be knocking out the wall of one of my closets in the guest bedroom and that forces me to sort through things again. It is discipline for always sewing buttons back on when doing laundry, or for doing little hemming up, whatever. That way it is ready to wear and that's important. As for size, I've never known the problem for having to toss out clothes that no longer fit... Funny in a way but even more difficult!It is also the sentiment that comes with certain outfits; great memories...
    Hugs to you,

  9. I have just been through this same process. I managed to bin 3 black bags worth, not even fit for donation. How did this happen. If you knew how limited for space we are on the boat you would laugh. I can now move around the bedroom :-)

  10. Hello sweetie !
    I never seem to need to actually "de-clutter" the closet as we seem to move so often, just when it gets to be a bit wild in there, I start packing and start over somewhere else .
    It is actually a very nice way to work on the closet :)
    besitos , C

  11. I used this great advice on Sohpia's closet and her playroom!!! Next up...ME!

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  13. Ohhhhh how I needed to read this tonight! I would be embarrassed for anyone to see my walk-in right now! It's a total disaster! I hereby pink swear to purge my closet as one of my New Year resolutions! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    xoxo laurie

  14. no! i'm wardrobe retarded! this post
    was extrememly helpful.

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    Thanks for sharing your such a great and useful information.

  16. Wow!!
    What a great post you have shared !
    Good tips as always!I have just turned to a new website for more versatility on design to match my branding and have a couple of posts written but not created and launched yet. I can definitely adapt a lot of these ideas for my business. I got some ideas about blog posts from this post. I always enjoy your inspiring posts- when I get the chance!
    Thanks a ton:)

  17. Hey Friend,
    Nice Post…!!
    Glad that you mentioned about wardrobes.I had decided to pull out all those unnecessary dresses from my wardrobe and put some useful and party wear dresses in my wardrobe.

    Thanks & Regards


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