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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Down on the Farm Ice Tea

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During the month of August High Heeled Life will be taking a much long over-due  break. 
Returning in September with a fresh new look!

This summer has certainly been a very hot, humid one and quite short on much needed rain. It's looking like August is going to be pretty much the same. To help High Heeled Life readers, quench their thirst - there are 4 pre-scheduled posts for August:

Down on the Farm Ice Tea ~ August 6
Italian Ice Tea ~ August 13
Moroccan Ice Tea ~ August 20
Limoncello ~ August 27

So be sure to stop by and try out the fabulous Ice Tea recipes.

You can also now follow High Heeled Life on Twitter, for daily inspiring quotes, thoughts and fun.

Wishing Everyone a wonderful month, filled with all that summer is!


  1. Enjoy your vacation!
    Nice quote.

  2. How I would like to sit in one of those rockers sipping this iced tea, sounds delicious!

  3. Dearest Celia,

    Whatever you will be doing, working hard at your new look, enjoy it and sip your tea with joy!
    Hugs and love,

  4. Good for you! I will email you when we get home, hoping we can still get together?
    I have been drinking lots of sweet tea since being in Florida : my new love. I will definitely try this one!

  5. Being of East Indian and British heritage ( Quite the mix) I am a big tea drinker.
    Becoming a Mom , I introduced my All American children to hot tea and living in the South ( North Central Florida) I incorporated Iced Tea to my menu as well. I also mix my Iced Tea with fruit juice. In the summer I like mixing it with peach juice.
    I will be enjoying your recipe tonight with my evening meal for sure. Looking forward to the next 3 installments.
    Enjoy your much deserved time away.....

  6. I love iced tea Celia! And will be drinking plenty when I arrive in your hot and humid area :) I will be visiting ( if you call 2 days a visit) my Grandmother, I am surprising her ( want to see her while she is doing well). This trip was spur of the moment and too short....but the next one we have to connect somewhere!
    Have a great and C-O-O-L week,

  7. Thanks for the recipe! Great name and I like anything having to do with farms.. :)


  8. enjoy your break C, while I enjoy the tea..........see you soon.

  9. Well phoo. Here I am, a week in a hotel with time to catch upon blog reading and writing, and you'll be gone? I'll be missing you! Take a good break because I expect brilliant things from you when you return! Looking very forward to the other iced tea recipes!

  10. The tea sounds so delicious. thanks for sharing the recipe...Christine

  11. I am taking a break in a couple of weeks as well. Have a wonderful, refreshing, relaxing time and we look forward to hearing about your time. Your farm tea looks wonderful!

  12. Dearest Celia,
    I hope you enjoy your much needed break! Your tea recipe sounds delicious, the orange juice is a nice touch. I will be back to see your other recipes... I love limoncello!

    Autumn has always been my favourite season as well. I especially love to travel during that time.

    Wishing you a most lovely month, mon ami! xoxo, B

  13. Well now..... I've been away more than I've been in...with my blog I mean. But I'm back now and you're gone. LOL I hope you're enjoying your break. Enjoy lots of memory making moments.

    Big hugs,

  14. Dear Celia,
    Your iced tea sounds marvellous. I will give it a try. I was so happy to find the Lady Carlyle teacup! I've been wanting one forever. Enjoy your break, my friend, and thank you for stopping by for a visit.


  15. I was born in Arizona, there is still family there. We used to make Sun tea all the time :) Big jars sitting out on the back porch, my daughter still makes it now and then in Florida. I have to try it again, if I ever see Summer again :)
    besitos. C

  16. Have a great - WELL DESERVED- vacation!!
    Have a pretty day my friend!

  17. Thanks so much for visiting my blog..I recently moved to the country from the burbs and it's an adventure, but I am loving it! Your blog is wonderful, I can't wait to read more-enjoy your break!

  18. Hi Celia, thanks for visiting me so soon! I hope you have a wonderful vacation time and drink a lot of that great tea recipe! Can't wait to see your new look! I just moved your link higher up on my blog so I will remember to visit you more often :D Have a beautful day!

    love, Kristin


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