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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer 2012 has Arrived!!

It's finally here!!!!

Time to day dream under the blue skies of summer....

Cool off in the summer rain.......

Relax in the garden.....

Take a road trip.....

Enjoy the freshness of summer fruit ...

Read a great book ....
 (what are some of your summer time reading suggestions..Please share)

Relax by the ocean....

Eat ice-cream

Drink iced-tea ...

Go antiquing .....

Get out and enjoy summer.... unlike in our childhood it's not unless 
and will be gone before we know it!

What fun summer activities do you have planned?


  1. ahhh...summer! something about it that brings a smile to your face. :)

  2. Yay Summer! I cannot wait to not have to make school lunches anymore!!! And Fla in just a few short weeks...we'll be gone until the first week of August since you know, it's not hot enough here. ;)
    Summer read :: Please, please pick up The ShoeMaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani. I think you would love it! I did.
    I've also heard that the Midwife of Venice (Rich is the author I think?) is just excellent. It's on my list!

  3. Celia, what a fun post! I like those beach rules and I think i would enjoy an ice cream cone too!

    Enjoy the day ;)


  4. Yeeeees, Celia, isn't it wonderful! I can't wait for my kids to enter their summer break in just two days!!! Summer is so beautiful!!!

    Kristin xx

  5. Dearest Celia,

    Enjoy the freshness of summer fruits... I just did. We drove to Atlanta today and came home from Costco with lots of fresh fruits. So yummy. It is a happy season but almost melancholic too as from now on the days start shortening again. Can't we hold on to it a bit more?!
    Love to you and enjoy your garden and the outdoors with your love and furbabies.

  6. Now, if the sun could just take the hint and come out to play, I would believe summer is here. Sill raining here in Wales :-(

  7. Summer is about relaxing and slowing down and enjoying the simple things... freshly mowed grass, the seashore, the wind in the pines, lemonade, hammocks, reading on the porch, napping... enjoying our kids!!!

    So, the picture w the girl in the Bimmer... seriously, that can't be comfortable... it has to hurt, doesn't it?!!!


  8. Summer is about slowing down, relaxing, hammocks, lemonade, the ocean, windy pines, freshly mowed grass, flip flops, living casually... slowing down... enjoying the simple things... enjoying our children! XOXO

  9. Oh yes, your pictures are all summer :)
    Hope the weather will help for you to enjoy all your great things, like your beautiful garden, your outdoors and all the things summer is made of.
    Tons of love, angel

  10. Great images of summer - so ready to relax in the sun!

  11. Fun post!! I hope to do lots of fun things with my family, relax, currently reading the Paris Wife, lots of travel... ice cream sounds good, too! I'm just thrilled to have a break! PS: your package is on it's way!!
    xoxo, B

  12. Lovely images Celia. My summer will be spent moving back to the UK after 12 years in Spain. But I am just as excited as if I were moving somewhere new and unknown. So no beach for me, but re-connections with family and friends, meeting some new blogging friends for the first time and seeing my country with new eyes and a new perspective xx

  13. I like all of the Elin Hilderbrand books for a light summer read. She is a Nantucket based author and all of her book settings are on the island. It really gives you a flavor of the island and she's a good writer. Not too heavy either. Perfect for plopping down on a beach chair or back deck with iced tea. xo


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