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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Perfect Card ~ friendship ~ personalized gifts

Well, if you ever wondered what Suburban Princess and High Heeled Life look like this card is an amazingly photo of us. From hair colour and style, to the fancy cocktail on SP's chair and pink tea cup on mine. When I opened the card I couldn't believe the similarities to us!

The Quote on the card reads:
I find it shelter to speak to you ~ Emily Dickinson

The card accompanied some wonderful and thoughtful Hostess & Host gifts, when Suburban Princess and the Little Prince attnded our EH! Canada Day BBQ
Inside we also discovered a bottle of wine (Ruffino, one of Mr. G's fav) and delicious cookies, I'll be enjoying with tea. Not pictured was an issue of Tea Time magazine and an adorable little jewelery travel bag.

Mr. G along with the goodies was thrilled that the guest who gifted these H&H gifts was easily identified. Note the personalized ribbon. Sometimes cards and H&H become seperated (or are not present), and confusion as to who gifted what can become a dilema for the hosts, as who to thank for what.

Some of the other bottles and gifts we recieved are not identified as to whom they came from. Though we say thank you as we are recieving the H&H gift, it's nice to follow up with a call of thank you. Mr. G will know exactly who to call after enjoying this bottle of wine to say a second personal thank you.

Personalized ribbon adds that extra special touch to all your gift giving,it can also be a pretty way to label and organize things. For more fabulous ideas visit Suburban Princess's on-line boutique Royal Ribbons.

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  1. The card is a great and original idea!

  2. Hi Celia,
    Beautiful card and it sounds like your BBQ was great!
    Headed over to the Royal Ribbon to take a look. Thanks for the link.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  3. Dearest Celia,

    You are so nice for giving 'A' a shout out for the Suburban Princess' Royal Ribbon. This is the most clever idea indeed and such a personal touch for adding to any gift. It makes it stand out from the crowd.
    Yeah, that card was funny too, like artwork done with the two of you in mind.

    Have a wonderful and restful weekend with lots of love,


  4. That card is too cute and how funny it's just like you and your friend!

  5. The perfect card, and the carefully chosen gifts were a joy to see here.

  6. Cute Card! Following you over from Relax and Surf, hope you can stop by!

  7. ooo lucky you, that bottle of wine and cookies look delish! Glad i discovered a fellow canadian blog, now following you!

  8. Sweet! Looks like a Mary Engelbreit card. The cookies look too pretty to eat!

  9. Now following your wonderful blog from Let's Get Social Sunday. Would love it if you stop by and say hello!

  10. That card is so precious. Don't you just want to frame it and hang it on your wall?
    I adore my Royal Ribbons. I have two sets, one with my blog's title and one that says "made by adrienne" with a little heart in between. I can hardly wait to make something as a gift and wrap it up with my adorable ribbons. xo, A

  11. Hey High Heeled,

    That is such a gorgeous, thoughtful gift -- you must have wonderful friends. : )

    Just stopping by also to let you know I mentioned you in last week's Fabulous Fridays for 1 July on "Becks and the City":

    Hopefully it sent a few extra visitors your way.



  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I am so glad you like your pressies!
    It was lots of fun picking everything out for you :O)

  14. This is great, love the card!

    I'm here from the LGS hop, I'm your newest follower :)


  15. What a thoughtful gift. I love the card. Very cute idea. How are you? I haven't visited you forever so I was so glad to see your comment on my blog. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Enjoy your week!! (By the way, I'm making the drunken spaghetti for dinner today! Yum....

  16. Newest follower! I love your blog! Can't wait to read more!

    Come visit me at:

  17. Bonjour mon amie,
    I love the card and how precious that the girls look like you.. and the gifts how delightful and sweet.
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I wish you a beautiful week ahead!! xoxo, B


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