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Monday, May 31, 2010

I have lots to say - Dolce Speaks

Hi my name is Dolce, I’m a 1 year old, 5 ½ lb, male Yorkie. You know my Mommy as A High Heeled Life, and let me tell you, she has lots of those things that I’m not suppose to chew – I think they’re called “shoes” – but to me they look really interesting and chewable. I never see her wearing most of them, something about “Falling Off” of them now.

The other day I heard Mommy telling her friend that she has been “blogging” and finds it very therapeutic. She enjoys reading posts by her new Blog Friends, “I find them very inspiring and motivating, and everyone is very supportive of each other’s challenges be it daily life challenges or major life detours”, I heard her say.

That got me thinking; I have lots of challenges everyday – like; when I want to go outside and no one opens the door enough so I can easily dart out; or when I want to stay outside and no matter how I try to hide – someone always seems to know where I am; then there are the times that I get free and no one just lets me wonder off … they come after me , making me have to run further down the yard; sometimes they bribe me with treats and show me sticks – and I always fall for it. There is more … Mommy always buys me sweaters, shirts and paw-wear; and when people see me they always have to come up and rub my snout as they say how “cute” I look. Ok, I do look quite handsome – I guess I’m a bit of a metro doggie - but must they always rub my snout? Sometimes their hands do not smell very good. I also would like to be given treats when I want them; have Mommy, Daddy or visitors play with me and throw my toys all the time; I’m really good at retrieving them. See I have so much to share with you. So with Mommy’s help I’m going to be sharing with you my weekly adventures and misadventures.

These are some pictures of my friends at camp.

And this is me …

See you Friday!


  1. Awww Dolce! You are too cute! I hope you are having fun at camp!

  2. Of all the dogs I've known who could write I'd say he's as close to grammatical perfection as can be expected.

    This post made me paws for reflection.

  3. OH He is so cute!!! OH LOVE IT!!!
    Cute pictures :)

  4. Very well said, Dolce!

  5. oh..too cute!! Dolce, you know, i think if i see you i would have to pick you up and cuddle you and yes i'd give you a little treat! Cutie pie!!

  6. Brilliant, love it. Thank goodness my dogs have passed the shoetoy stage. We did have a moment.

    It's so hard to get mad when you're mad about those four-legged children.

  7. Dolce you are just too darn adorable!! Looks like you are having fun at camp!

    ~ Tracy

  8. SO adorable!! Love the name "Dolce". He's handsome indeed!

    Cute post!


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