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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paris... Day 3

Waking up in Paris has got to be one of the best things in life. There is something about the city that even with its busyness you are able to feel peaceful within. I have been getting some afternoon naps in and trying to reserve my energy as much as possible, it is hard to not overdo it in such a beautiful place. Today was a full day and by the end – I knew I had pushed myself too far. I was happy that Mr. G refrained from the “I told you to rest, I told you to slow down, I knew I should have made you take more rests” lecture and instead just asked what he could do.

I discovered today that the weakness I have been feeling in my right ankle (the one with pins and screws) is quite possibly my body telling me that it’s time to get off my feet. Despite only wearing comfortable sensible shoes - not really by choice (Mr. G – somehow managed to remove the only pair of heels - I had packed -from my suit case and replace them with more sensible shoes, before we left. It wasn’t until I was unpacking in our hotel room that I became aware of the switch.); but I can only imagine the outcome, had I been wearing heels when my ankle gave out on the stairs in the restaurant. As it was, sensible shoes and all – it was terrifying to have my ankle give out and lose my balance. Luckily only minor bruising and embarrassment resulted.

So before all the drama of my ankle we started our day at the Louvre. They say “A picture is worth a 1,000 words” so here goes;

We were surprised to see someone duplicating a painting in the Louvre. What we discovered is that the Louvre will permit amateur painters (someone how does not make a living from painting) to come and paint – the painting has to be a different size from the original and they only have 3 months to complete it. There is an application process, but how wonderful would it be for someone who enjoys painting as a hobby to have this opportunity!

With the number of people, we were happy to have booked a guided tour that by-passed the lines and took you to key art – such as the Mona Lisa. The actual painting is quite small – and yes, it does seem like her eyes are following you in the room. Do take the time to admire this master piece, something about it is very energizing and peaceful (at least to me).

After taking some much needed rest in the afternoon, we were ready for our Seine River Cruise, Paris lights by night and dinner on the Champs-Elysees.

Sorry dear friends, after the ankle incident my thoughts of taking pictures of the food and restaurant were quickly replaced with “I need to get through this meal, I need to make it look like it wasn’t all that bad, or else Mr. G’s lecture will surely come”. I also wanted to walk along Champs-Elysees at night, so I had to keep smiling, if Mr. G. was to see any sign of pain he would have whisked me into a taxi and back to the hotel before I could take another bite of my food – and I would have missed dessert too!

Tomorrow our trip will take you to a cute doggie store and Afternoon Tea at the Ritz!!!!

Images: Falling Off a High Heeled Life


  1. Oh no! Good thing you weren't wearing unsensible shoes!

  2. Sorry to hear about your ankle, I am having foot problems at the moment. Loving these posts!

  3. Hope your foot is on the mend!
    I look forward to your visit to the doggy store. I love the Parisian pet shops. They are the best! Okay, tea at the Ritz is pretty good too.;-)

  4. Just tell us which place you ate dinner at... I've eaten a quite a few on that street, and would love another suggestion.

    I'm excited to read your next installment!

  5. I guess I must agree with Mr. G. (I told you so!) please get that ankle looked at, I am sure wearing an ankle brace is not teh in thing to do while in Paris. On the other note, I can side with you too, all that excitement, I would probably suck it up too. Enjoy girl and have fun on the next adventure...... I so need to go to Paris, wish we smellivision! Yummy!

  6. God these posts warm my heart and make it ache at the same time. Because I've been to Paris and left part of myself there. This city is the most magical place I've ever been.

    A friend of mine recently asked me to describe the city. This is what I told her...

    Paris is a woman you surrender yourself to completely. She's sexy and sultry, yet elegant and refined. She'll seduce you with her romance and envelop you in her mystery. She completely and utterly works her way into your heart until you'd give every part of yourself to see her again.

    God I want to go back.

    I'm sorry to hear of your ankle my dear, but yes, given how far you've come in your life being alive to experience a place such as this is truly a gift.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us!


  7. Just noticed I am in your "Inspiring Blog" list ... thank you for that! I am touched and honored by your praise.

    I hope your ankle is feeling better. I know that want to overdo it feeling all too well. Glad Mr. G is taking good care of you.

    Your photos are breathtaking! Looking forward to more to come!

  8. Your first sentence brought a catch to my throat. You are right there is nothing like waking up in Paris. Nearly indescribable (sp) and like a dream. I just came by your blog by way of Les Chateau des Fleur and have found you on a visit to sweet Paris. WHat joy. I enjoy travel, especially to Paris, vicariously and of course personally. Thank you for sharing you amazing journey.


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