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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Monthly Bits & Bites ~ March 2017

While it was actually on February 28th, (pancake Tuesday), my search for pancakes took me to
 this delightful place called Old School Toronto

If you follow along on Instagram, you will recognize the name Trattoria Nervosa, it's one of my fav places to eat. I've wrote about my introduction to this great eatery here, In March I had the opportunity to catch up with a business colleague/friend and enjoy a light lunch.
What better way to enjoy the evening on International Women's Day, than with a group of fabulous women who are taking their personal financial security seriously and thanks to RBC Global Asset Management we learned it's never too late to get started.
Tutti Pizza!! was delighted to discover the Yorkville location is re-opened!
Attended a talk at Verity hosted by my friend Susan Sommers, on the importance of fitness. She did her first marathon in her 60s!! Recently launched her second book Love Your Body, Embrace Your Life and though I've heard her speak many times, each time I walk away inspired and motivated. 
 I have been wanting to invest in a Nespresso machine for some time ...
and on a recent trip to Canadian Tire found it on sale!! in red ...  
The flower shops on Avenue Road - always offer up some beautiful blooms, year round to brighten your day! Though I shop all ... I often find myself popping in to Jong Young Flower Market, where one weekend in March I discovered this amazing commercial mum!! 
Strolling through the Loblaws close to my home, and discovering they are not only one of the locations authorized to sell wine - but that they stock my fav bubbly!! Now that made my March!

What made your March?

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  1. We were grateful to get through March with no storms! We have new babies on the ground (calves) so we don't like storms (neither do they). Your pancakes look delish, as do the other meals. I'm still grateful I can eat the best steak ever, right out of my own freezer! I'm learning to make incredible side-dishes to go with that wonderful 1.5" thick steak! Alpha Hubby grills it to perfection!

  2. Dearest Celia,
    Well, you certainly do sound quite happy and bubbly when reading this post.
    Yes, you do have so many advantages from living in a big city.
    The big plus for Toronto is the subway system that lets you easily go from point to point.
    When we go to Atlanta, it is becoming more and more a challenge, about 3 hours one-way it takes us and in the city you might get completely entangled in stand-still traffic jam.
    There is a Martha system, going underground for a stretch and above ground but not covering the entire city.
    I did go on the 23rd of March and we did stay over night with is lovely.
    Just a week later on Thursday the I-85 did collapse for a section where it was a bridge, not over water but over other streets.
    Some idiot had made a fire underneath, igniting a chair that he'd put on top of a shopping cart. So the hole thing started burning and now the one aorta through the city is being blocked off.
    How evil and with what consequences for so many millions of people and Dollars!
    So I can feel for your happiness for being flexible and having so much within reach.
    Enjoy it and wishing you a happy weekend.

    1. We heard about that horrible act in Atlanta ... so many will be affected. Yes, I understand the stress and exhaustion you are describing ... it is the same if not staying at city house , from the country house ... it was getting impossible for me to do a trip into city and go back same day. Wishing you a great week ahead.. <3


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