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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Giving Thanks! - Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has been a bitter sweet holiday for me since 2007. That Thanksgiving I was dealing with the loss of my father a couple of weeks earlier and the dark cloud of the first anniversary of my accident was two weeks away - the loss of who I was and the life I had - so fresh and raw. I found it hard to be Thankful for anything other than still being alive, and truth be told I'm not so sure I was truly thankful for that. As we approach Thanksgiving, here in Canada this weekend, my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are having a difficult time finding "something" to be thankful about. I know too well your struggle is real and I hope that by sharing what helped me to realize all that I have to be thankful for will help you as you heal from your losses and difficult times.

1. Be Thankful to be alive ~ yes things may not be as you want them to be, but be thankful, for the alternative certainly would end all possible future options. This should be on everyone's list. Once I truly became thankful for being alive, it was like an endless amount of possibilities for creating my life appeared. 

2. Stay Home (alone) ~ while others may look at this as depressing, the year I decided to just be me (and Mr. G.) was peaceful, and anxiety free. We made a small turkey breast and the rest of the fixins ... had a week plus of turkey leftovers, but the freedom of not having to say to anyone what I was thankful for - because it was a bad year - or be reminded that I should be thankful to be alive, was BLISS!!
Dolce - Florida trip
3. Travel ~ My sister and her husband invited us (including Dolce) to spend sometime with them in Florida during Canadian Thanksgiving one year. It was great, there was a local eatery that served turkey, so we got the bird and no reminders of the actual holiday it was. It's a long weekend , book a ticket go some where with family or friends (or on your own) enjoy the time away.

Thanksgiving 2015 HHL - country home
4. FriendsGiving ~ For one reason or another many of us are not able to be with family during Thanksgiving. No matter the reason you are not able to be with family, invite friends to your home (you would be surprised how people have no where to go). We did a FriendsGiving last year at our country home, and while I missed being with my family, I felt blessed to be surrounded by people who are like extended family. Remember friends are the family you choose for yourself - celebrate them, give thanks that they are in your life.

5. Make it Pot-Luck ~ Whether you are low on energy or funds is no reason to miss out on getting together with family and friends. Have each person bring a dish, use paper plates and disposable cutlery, glasses, cups etc. Yes, I attended such a Thanksgiving and it was so much fun and I got to try some foods I may not have otherwise. 

6. Give Back ~ Sign up to help out at a shelter or charity program that feeds the homeless on Thanksgiving; take a meal to an elderly person you know will be alone on this day. I use to take a bag full of goodies to make a Thanksgiving meal to a family that really struggled to make ends meet. While it help them it also reminded me how thankful I was to be in a position to put food on my own table and help others.
image credit Pintrest
7. Start a Gratitude Journal ~ Sometimes it's the small things that make us smile in life that really mean the world. Each day I write something that made my day - and am grateful for the experience, or feeling it gave me. It can be as simple as watching squirrels play in the park, the teenager that held the door open for you. Then when Thanksgiving rolls around ~ you just open up your Gratitude Journal and remind yourself of all the small day-to-day things that made you thankful. 

Lovelies, my point is that you should do what feels right for you this Thanksgiving, whatever form it takes. Don't feel pressured to celebrate in a manner or go somewhere that doesn't feel welcoming or comfortable. Remember you are the CEO of your life ... do what is best to ensure the growth and success of your life!

Please share in the comments how you found a way to be thankful during a difficult time during Thanksgiving.

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. So many good points! I am thankful for so much - Alpha Hubby being at the top! I remember the first time we went on vacation and ate Thanksgiving at a German restaurant - heavenly food and NO dishes! Did I miss all the fixings? Not at all. It was wonderful trying something different. Now that we eat healthy, it also changed what we have for T-giving dinner and it's still yummy! We choose one traditional item (like cornbread dressing) then just have different veggies & turkey or turducken. Pumpkin pie for those who insist and pumpkin mousse for those who hate pie crust (him). We found we were in a rut for years and it's nice to try something different!


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