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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ...

1. Black and Red Animalier Folding Umbrella - Pasotti: We have been blessed with some amazing above seasonal temperatures, here in Toronto, lately - but June remains unpredictable when it comes to rain. The weather report has been wrong on many occasions (sometimes we don't get rain - other times we do), so I have been reaching for my Pasotti black and red animalier folding umbrella. On the days that it actually rained I was kept dry and on the days when the rain bypassed us ~ I was not carrying around my standard size umbrella. What I love about Pasotti aside from the stylish designs and many handle options is that these are handcrafted in Italy - since 1956.

2. Thé ~ Marie AntoinetteNina's Paris: I was first captivated by this tea on my trip to Paris in 2015, when I visited Nina's Paris tea salon. My little tea supply I had brought back was starting to deplete and I wasn't sure how I was going to replenish. Thankfully it can now be ordered on-line via a Canadian Distributor TNCB.

3. Veet Facial Cream Kit - Veet: I don't know about you but paying $10 plus to have a few (thankfully) straggly hairs removed from my upper lip is a little much. So on a Shopper's Drug Mart run a couple of months ago I picked up this facial hair removal cream by Veet. Lovelies I don't know why I didn't try this before! 5 minutes and hair is gone ... and if a couple of stray begin to grow - no waiting until there is "enough" to justify making a waxing appointment. Super budget friendly - and I recently even used it to do my bikini line... I left it on about 8-10 minutes and voila ! silky smooth and hair stays away for a couple of weeks or so.

4. L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Lotion- L'Occitane: Now that it's getting warmer (hot) I prefer a lighter body lotion vs the rich creamy ones I use through the winter. L'Occitane body lotion is my go to, it's fast absorbing and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth without the heaviness of a cream.

5. Comfort Slide Flossers - Sunstar G.U.M: I have been using these slide flossers for a few years. After my accident using the regular string dental floss was not easy lacking  supination and pronation in my right wrist. These are so easy to use and gently glide between the teeth. Bring on the fresh corn on the cob - I'm ready!!!

What are you loving right now?

You are the curator of your life so live it luxuriously ,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    Lovely umbrella you got from Pasotti! For that convenient use I keep my 'old' Burberry handy for placing inside my bag. It does save us numerous times. A big umbrella is fine for keeping in the car for getting out and back in.
    Your #2 is no doubt a delight and even good enough to savor on its own.
    The #3 Veet Facial Cream Kit might be a bit unsafe for use on our skin. Since having had surgery on my leg and nose for skin cancer, I'm very, very careful with choosing any cosmetics. The Veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin does have some dangerous ingredients:http://www.cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_aef2189539.html
    Your #4 is for sure a great lotion for summer! I agree with you that we don't need the rich creamy ones during summer.
    And as for the #5 it was a blessing for you after your accident. People who never have had this dilemma of no strength in their wrist or whatever part of their body, don't appreciate this. As for me, yes having been completely paralyzed I know what an effort brushing and cleaning your teeth means! As of today, I still lack full strength in my wrists and hands... Still have Pieter at my side but if not, a lot of things I would not be able to open or whatever. But I don't give up; try to keep what I got and use it as best as I can.
    Happy weekend to you both!

  2. That umbrella is a beauty! I have been flossing A LOT more since I am wearing Invisalign and I should try out those flossers!!



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