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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nina's not just another Salon de Thé in Paris - It' truly a Royal Experience

On my recent trip to Paris I was introduced to Nina's by friend Mimi, many may already know Mimi via her blog Bonjour Romance and as the founder of the digital magazine  Belle Inspiration celebrating la joie de vivre.

Tucked in on a quiet side street (29 Rue Danielle Casanova), next to La Place Vendôme, in the heart of Paris, and easily accessed by Metro station: Opéra, PyramidesNina's is truly a place not to be missed by any tea loving gal or Marie Antoinette fan (such as moi)!!! 

A Little History:

It's history dates back  to the seventeenth century with "La Distillerie Frères", founded by Pierre Diaz in 1672.  The company specialized in perfumes and essential oils and was renowned for its expertise in the art of blending fragrances. Known as the Magicien des Arômes ("Wizard of Aromas"), Pierre Diaz  became the preferred supplier of the prestigious Versailles court of Louis XIV, and a few decades later Marie Antoinette, who particularly enjoyed the scents of rose and lavender.

Drawing on this exceptional expertise, which was passed through the Diaz generations, exploration in blending of flavors and fragrances to create a unique line of flavored teas resulted in a tea which, today still remains one of the most unique teas in world. L'Original Marie-Antoinette is a very delicate tea, flavored with apples & rose, which gains strength from the Ceylon tea base. The fresh hand-picked apples and roses come from the King‘s Kitchen Garden of Versailles. 

image via Nina's
In 1778 Nina Diaz created the recipe of the cake "Ninasette" for Queen Marie Antoinette. This recipe was passed down exclusively to women in the Diaz family over the centuries.

image via Nina's
NINA'S is the only official partner of the Potager du Roi (Kitchen Garden of the King) to make exclusive products from rare fruits of the gardens at Versailles. Along with it's flavoured teas, jams and jellies, Nina's also offers a sweet, rich apple juice and a luxuriously flavoured sparkling wine made from rare, fresh fruits from the King's Kitchen Garden at Versailles. 

Now that you have a little background on Nina's let's step inside and enjoy a cup of tea.

The moment you step through the door your senses alert you "This is a magical place". The tea salon is petite and very cozy. Tranquil and the perfect spot for writing, catching up with a friend(s), or just sitting and enjoying some "ME" time while sipping a heavenly cup of tea.

The attention to detail and service was brilliant! 
Our hostess was amazing from the service to explaining about the various teas and products.
the choice was unanimous ...  Original Thé de Marie Antoinette 

Truly paradise in a cup!!! it brought my senses to life ... 
Just like L'Original Marie-Antoinette tea the Ninasette cake was delicate, moist, 
full of flavour and absolutely DIVINE.

You really do have to eat cake - at Nina's !!! you will thank me.

At the back of the tea shop is this beautiful staircase
which I'll leave for you to discover what is up there on your own visit to Nina's.

Mon ami Mimi merci! merci! so much for introducing me to Nina's
It will definitely need to be part of the Paris project I'm considering (yes, my dear readers I leave you with a little teaser). 

What was the last fabulous place you discovered while on vacation? 
do share in the comments below.

You are the curator of your life so make it luxurious,

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  1. Beautiful! I think I will have to add Paris on my list of "somedays" because of you. I love tea and you have introduced me to some amazing teas over the years - thank you!!!! I love the look of the shop - it reminds me of the original pharmacy in Italy (Santa Maria Novella) and my favorite rose water - it's been around since the 1200's and has that old time charm and beauty. I want to visit there someday, too!!

  2. How divine!!! It is precious. Gorgeous! And the photo of the cake is one of your best ever - I swear I can taste it!!!

  3. Dearest Celia,
    That is an incredible French tearoom with so many delicious things to offer.
    Love the cake with those rose petals around.
    Thanks for sharing such a treasure with your readers and thanks to Mimi!


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