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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back to Blogging Basics ... what I've realized on my blogging break

Hello my sweet friends thank you to everyone (you know who you are) who commented, sent me emails and cards during my blogging break encouraging me to not give up blogging - know that your gestures and words meant the world to me. I also want to say thank you to the new readers who are following along - what a nice surprise to return to.

When I started my blogging break at the end of July, I really thought it would be a baby step towards hanging up my blogging heels. I had started to struggle with what to write and the self-imposed pressure to post was adding to my already chaotic off-line life. Something had to give, and giving up blogging seemed like a good start.

Being away from blogging gave me a little clarity on what was happening with my post writing (or not happening)  - they say "sometimes one can't see the trees for the forest" - and this was the case here. Blogging wasn't adding to the chaos of my off-line life, my choice to not write about the challenges I was facing was holding me back from actually writing posts.

When I started blogging in 2010 it was to share my journey of healing post accident in hopes of inspiring and helping others facing a similar situation to keep moving forward and not give up. My journey and challenges may look/be different now ... but I can't be the only who is facing these "new" life challenges, so back to blogging basics of sharing my journey as I keep moving forward.

Something important that I also realized is that I can write and post when I am able too, there is no deadline other than the one I create for myself. So I may not post as often (and at times more regular) - and that's OK. I hope you will keep reading along as I get back on my heels ... the journey may be wobbly at times as I learn to stand confident, tall, independent, and achieve my balance, but one things for sure it's going to be a brilliant adventure!

I'm looking forward to returning to blogging and sharing with my long time readers and new readers of HHL about healthy living, fashion, beauty, travel and everything that helps me keep moving forward and  living a luxuriously balanced life.

Would love for you to share in the comments - how you keep blogging and if blogging breaks have helped you to refocus your blog's direction?

With Love and Gratitude,

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  1. Celia, I have gone through the same thing. I was going through so many health issues and didn't want to share so my blog wouldn't be sad all the time~but like you, my blog was meant to help me along my journey and help others who were also struggling. Somewhere along the way~the lines got blurred and I thought my posts had to make everyone happy.

    I think~eventually we find our true voice~it just takes some time. I'm pretty comfortable now, but I blog less. I enjoy the interaction I get from my Facebook community and that I can communicate with my readers one on one thru messenger, etc.

    I'm so glad you're still here. You have been such an inspiration to me and I can identify with your struggles to wellness.


  2. I'm still on my semi-permanent break. I find I have nothing to say!! I also agree that I am not going to be pressured to post. I can't see totally quitting but then again, I haven't really wanted to post either! I do believe there will be some changes if I do choose to return but I will always tell Alpha Hubby stories (smile)! Love and so glad you are back. You look amazing!!

  3. Dearest Celia,
    My entire comment just vanished, it said because of conflicting editing... I have not double clicked or whatever.
    Always hard to dig into your thoughts again. But I had previously opened your blog but since we're home from Arizona there have been severe thunderstorms at night and that results in no satellite internet for me.
    Sorry for beign late thus!
    Well, from all social media I still find a personal blog with genuine writing and usage of personal photos, is still the most rewarding of all. By far better than e.g. FB Page and such. Provided it is directly connected with Google+ and posted on there as well. Google is rewarding that very much! Blogs don't need to be lengthy but the regular way of posting is important. Also what I did figure out is when I do reply to comments, the ranking goes up immediately versus no replies at all. I've tried that for a while and it went steep down. So for now I stick to every other day. The only problem we all are facing that by NOT having 100 hours in a single day, it is hard to juggle a healthy lifestyle + a blog!
    But so far, I'v managed, even with scheduled posts when we're on vacation.
    Sending you lots of hugs and blessings.

  4. I have not been here often. I have my share of blogging breaks too, sometimes just plain lazy, not inspired or just that i can't think of something interesting at least even for me. I also lost my regular followers in the past when i stopped. But that is okay. I realized there are many bloggers who are either not very well or have something not so good with their health, and also realized that some just stopped because they totally transcend from our world. But that is okay, at least we all generate, hopefully, some positive energies to heal our atmosphere and our citizens. Best regards, keep safe and God bless.


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