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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quieten Your Ego...

When you are first faced with a traumatic life detour that turns your whole world upside, you think if I can just figure out where to go from here everything will be OK. You work hard to rebuild your life and yourself ... each step of the way you grow stronger and more determined to create a life and you that will once again come into balance.

Then just as you are beginning to see some light at the end of the darkest road you have ever traveled.  Your wings eager to spread and to take flight. Suddenly an invisible cord has latched on to you, making you question all that you have worked so hard for, all that you are blossoming into.

The ego is one of the our biggest challenges in life.  The ego can whisper the meanest things or the most discouraging things into our thoughts. Leaving us feeling awful about our self and wondering why it’s challenging to have exciting, passionate, healthy relationships (starting with our self).
How to Quieten Your Ego..
Find a quiet spot to sit. When the weather is warm I like going to sit by our stream and take nature in. In the colder months I like to sit in front of the garden doors looking out.  I start with Purposeful Breathing:

~Gently inhaling and exhaling through the nose
~Keep your head neck and trunk completely straight
~Practice slow purposeful breathing with a goal of inhaling for 6 seconds and exhaling for 6 seconds (I started with 2 seconds of inhaling and exhaling ... work your way up to it).
~Practice breath awareness for 10 minutes/three times. 

Once I've completed my breathing I set my timer for 10-15 minutes and just let my mind relax. Sometimes things will pop into my thoughts - I acknowledge the thought and then release it - going back to my breathing.

Soon you will be able to easily shoo away the ego when it tries to whisper negative things into your thoughts.

Deepak Chopra explains the ego brilliantly in this video clip...

How do you keep your Ego Quiet?


  1. I like the word "quieten", it has a poetic aspect.
    I go in to my garden, or sit and pray thank you to God for some good things. Those practices can quieten my soul for a time.

  2. Ah.. the master! :) He is wonderful! Quieting the mind is tough. I struggle with this daily. Deep breathing is SO important. Wonderful post and advice we should all follow.


  3. I too struggle with the internal chatter. But guided meditations help me more than just meditating in silence. WIth guided meditations I am focusing on the words and so can drop all the internal gremlins that seem to have moved in rent-free on my shoulders ;-)

  4. Dearest Celia,
    Great post and it is important for being able to quieten your ego. Stay focused and try not to get drowned into your thoughts.
    Hugs to you,


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