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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Year Ahead - 2013 forget Resolutions...

2012 is now behind us and the magical feeling of a fresh start is being felt by many around the world! People have been busy making their list of resolutions - yet again- determined "this year" will be different, they will stick we the resolutions and life will be magically transformed. In theory I think making resolutions is a great starting point, after all like many I have made my own lists over the years. We are full of hope and anticipation in the beginning, but year after year the same thing starts happen. After a few weeks, the newness and excitement of  a new year begins to fade and we become deflated and with this comes guilt and before we know it we are back to the "same old patterns".

What I have realized, resolutions are often a list of desired outcomes based on negative words/phrases, with no direction (thought) on how to achieve success. This year  MAKE A NEW YEAR's PLAN! by using positive words/phrases and actions you will be re-enforcing an action that will get you closer to the desired outcome.

A PLAN also includes action, by noting some points on how to execute your PLAN you will be reminded of the actions required to achieve your desire result.
I've created the above chart using 6 items commonly found on Resolution lists; I have replaced each desired outcome with a positive phrase ( i.e Get in Shape with Be more physically active) and noted actions to achieve desired results.

Partial 2013 PLAN ~ for me. No Resolutions = No stress.
Here is part of my plan for 2013 ~ I've added in the bubble the word/phrase which I would have normally used to create my resolution list as an example.
Old Resolution List:
Get in Shape = flabby out of shape
Loose Weight = fat
Use Brain = dumb
Stop Being a Hermit = anti-social
Stop Neglecting Me = careless/slob
Think of Others = Ungrateful/Selfish

Note how the old phrases in the circles translate in a negative visual. Whereas the Positive Phrases on the post-it notes translate into actions.

As you sit and think about how you would like 2013 to be, Make a Plan and you will be that much closer to achieving your goals. If you have already made a Resolution list, at the very least make sure the phrases are positive ... i.e. Loose Weight - change to > Eat Healthier.

What fabulous Plans are you making for 2013?


  1. I think mine will simply be...more of the same! 2012 was a wild year, and I think I would like more of it. I'm actually quite sad to see 2012 end.

  2. What a great way to look at it. Focusing on the positives mentally helps us achieve our goals.

    All the things you mentioned in the beginning are all the reasons why I don't make resolutions. :(

  3. yes a list helps - but I find that I need to be precise. Instead of "get in shape" I write "work out 4 times a week" or try a new sport... easy to do and achieve but very specific. I need to be specific!

    Have a very very Happy New Year... I just love new beginings!

  4. I stopped making 'resolutions' a few years ago due to the fact that they always seemed to drop out of sight by the end of January but I think you have inspired me to try again! I will have to give it some thought, maybe just two or three things I can really sink my teeth into and stick with!
    Super post, hope you don't mind if I share!!
    Have a sparkly New Year my friend!!

  5. That is one well planned list. I dont really have any resolutions myself! Happy new year xx

  6. I love your list and the thought and ideals that go behind making it positive. My 2013 resolution is simple, be happy and take the time to appreciate the moments. My life feels so busy sometimes that I don't take enough time to 'smell the roses'!!


    :) Hazel

  7. This was an excellent post! My goal is to continue what I began the last few months of 2012 - continue to find ways to eat healthier, continue my exercise program, continue to Zen my house, and continue to enjoy my life!!

  8. Dearest Celia,
    That was a lovely post. Have not even seriously worked on any 'new' list as this year is going to end way too fast! But we made it this far and let's keep going the same way. We went to Atlanta for two days, glad we did take that time out as traveling is so hectic during this traffic jam time of the year.
    Hugs to both of you from both of us,

  9. Thanks for the inspiration. I needed to hear the stop being afraid of failing. I have to make myself ( imagine actually needing to redo something) get new carpet for master bedroom and have tile installed in the master bath. I am afraid I will hate what I pick out. But it has to be done.

    Appreciate you stopping by for a visit and your compliments on my grandchild's room.


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