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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mommy and Daddy- when are you coming home?

I have been having lots of fun at camp with all my four-legged friends,
but I woofly miss you and Stella too!!

Remember me?


  1. LOVE IT!! I am sure that baby is missing you all bunched- just as I am!! Can't wait to catch up. I hope your having a magnificent time sweetie.

    Much Love to you!

  2. I can assure you, they do miss you more than you think. I have seen dogs that literally grieve and will not eat, when their owners leave.

  3. Go home soon. Look at that little face. Heartbreaking!

  4. Awww, I'm sure it's hard to be away from those precious faces. Although, being in a warmer climate sure can ease that longing for home. :)

  5. Oh dear, such cuties!!! Love the last picture.
    Hope you're having much fun as I am ;)
    Love, angel.


  6. This message is for Dolce .. your Mama will be home soon. She looks great, so don't worry about her, she is fine. She might have a tiny scent of "another dog" on her but ignore it and wait for her to tell you the story ...
    I hope we get to meet someday .. love
    Pup & C

  7. awwww these puppies are just the cutest!! come back to them (and us!) soon!! we can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

  8. Aaaawww! That last picture is just too precious! I bet Dolce is going to be beside himself with joy when you get home!

    ~ Tracy

  9. That last picture just tugs at the heart!

  10. When you get a chance, I need your mailing address.....I have something for you!
    Big Hugs.
    I just want to pick Dolce up in that last photo and kiss her sweet little, snow-covered face!

  11. Awww! Do your doggies get separation anxiety? The White Dog get such terribly separation anxiety...I've never been away from her for longer than a week. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. It sounds as though you are having a fantastic time in Buenos Aires, but I know you'll have a grand welcome when you get home. Adorable pups! Thanks for sharing the images. :)

  13. Woman! I miss you so much ... not as much as Dolce, but I miss you a lot ... it just hasn't been the same without you.
    Looking forward to catching up. I've got our shopping trip on June 30th posted as a major life goal so it's onwards and upwards ...
    Have a safe trip home when you are on your way.
    Much love,

  14. Too cute!

    Alas, our dog doesn't play well with others.

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