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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yes Fashionistas - Interchangeable Heels Really Do Exist!!!

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We have all been there at one time or another, walking along when without any warning your heel gets caught in a sidewalk crack or street grate. If you are lucky you escape injury, but more often than not your shoes are ruined. And let's not forget the embarrassment.
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Even Royalty and celebrities can not escape getting stuck when it comes to cobblestone and grates.

How wonderful would it be to not have to sacrifice style for practicality,
 or not have to carry around an extra pair of walking shoes? 

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There is good news ... while strolling through Yorkiville a couple weeks ago, I discovered the  most wonderful boutique that offers INTERCHANGEABLE HEELS!!!!
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As soon as you step inside you quickly note Tanya Heath Paris is not just another boutique of high end ladies shoes. There are heels in various shapes and sizes to complete your pump or boot of choice.

That's right my lovelies .... once you have chosen your pump or boot
you choose your heel - Trotter, Cuban, Stiletto, or Kitten .

 See how it works - courtesy of THP

The genius mind behind this creative solution for busy women on the go is Canada's Tanya Heath, from Ottawa, Ontario. Tanya moved to France in 1996. Unable to find a shoe that was versatile for work, while practical and comfortable for navigating the cobblestone streets of Paris when walking her children to school, she set out in 2009 to create one. Fourteen engineers and shoe technicians along with several designers and master boot makers, Heath created a shoe and heel system that is both stylish and comfortable. The first boutique was launched in Paris in 2013 and now women in North America can also have access to easily purchasing this ingenious creation through the location in Toronto. To learn more about Tanya's journey watch her Canada AM interview here.

Heels come in a rainbow of colours and styles ...
you are literally creating a custom piece of footwear.

Check out this video to see just how quickly it is to change your heel.

With the cooler temps I'm ready for  boots that will keep my calves warm ... 
these are the Audrey (and my fav).

The Cuban heel is perfect for going from subway, car or walking to work/shopping and then with a quick little click the Audrey is transformed to a Stiletto heel. No need to carry an extra pair of shoe/boot.

If you live in the Toronto area you can check out this wonderful boutique on Old York Lane in Yorkville. Not in the area? No worries you can order on-line!!!

To see all the fabulous pumps and boots with the available heel options and to order on-line
click here Tanya Heath Paris (Canada) .

What Tanya Heath Paris boot/pump would you choose 
and what heel would you pair it with?

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(All THP pump and boot images courtesy of THP.)
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  1. this is beyond genius! I love the tall black boots w/ the gold heel. LOVE this! Another reason why I LOVE PARIS! I should have been born there :) TS

  2. Along with your boots up there, I love the Veronica and Adele. What a wonderful concept - you get your cake and can eat it too! I am getting a pair of these - genius!!!

  3. Expensive, but worth it!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com


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