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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cherry Blossoms at High Park ~

one of life's remaining anticipation ...

Each spring I look forward to the explosion of pink blossoms at High Park (Toronto's version of Central Park in NYC). This year due to the brittle cold winter and cold spring the anticipation lasted slightly longer. The blossoms started to come alive the week-end of Mother's Day.

Sakura trees also known as cherry blossom trees are known for their elegance and beauty. Unfortunately they are also known for their short blooming periods. Approximately one week after the first blossoms appear, 'kaika', 'full bloom' or 'mankai' is achieved. 

The severe cold & prolonged winter which prevented many of the blossom buds to develop and instead promote going straight to leaves has resulted in the loss of many blossoms this year. 

Despite the lack of blossoms everyone was enjoying this annual gift from mother nature. Cameras, Iphones, Ipads and all sorts of digital image capturing devices were everywhere. In today's fast paced , instant gratification world ... one will have to wait another year before this gift from mother nature appears again.

Even Dolce and Gabbana were delighted with the cherry blossoms ...

Do you look forward to the cherry blossoms each year?

Light and Love,

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  1. Dearest Celia,
    YES we do; they are so lovely and a true promise to new life after winter.
    But too often the weather will either blow off the blossoms or damage them by heavy rain so the joy is really short lived. And one can become melancholic when realizing that maximum we will get to enjoy this a hundred times in our life time... That is exaggerated for most of us as we did not pay attention when we were toddlers and at old, old age we might not be mobile for actually drinking in this beauty.
    But let's enjoy it while it lasts and luckily we got photos and videos for enjoying it again and again.
    Sending you hugs and Sunday blessings,

  2. Oh I love love love the pictures..... We don't find such cherry blossoms where I live . thank you so much for sharing a part of your world in pictures....

  3. Oh, how beautiful. What a wonderful walk it must be...an yearly tradition. How lovely. I love cherry blossom trees. I have one in my front yard. It has yet to bloom this year. Everything is so late from the extreme cold weather. It snowed just an hour north of here two nights ago. The best part of your photo journey was seeing Dolce and Gabanna! They are just too precious babies. I need to get one of those strollers for my girls.
    One day I will be able to come and have a spot of tea with you! xoxo

  4. Lovely photos of one of my favourite trees. We have one in the garden and I always look forward to the blossom and the start of the better weather.

  5. Can you believe i have NEVER been to High Park??


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