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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shoes and Our Life ...

As little girls, - most - dream about the day when they too can wear high heeled shoes ...

The discovery of designer fashion high heels ~ takes our dreams and imagination to new heights ...

We study and work hard to be able to slip our toes into the most beautiful heels, we can afford ...

Then ... often without warning... something happens in life. 
Leaving  uncertainty of what shoes to now walk in.

The very beauties that seemed like a natural extension of you, that gave that extra inch or two are now the enemy. You can no longer balance without the safety of walls. 

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You begin to acquaint yourself with practical, safe options ~ because lets face it, going barefoot 24/7 just isn't possible in today's world.

To your surprise, you may discover some old friends also offer practical solutions ...

Though life at the moment may not be what you had planned, it can now become what you dream it to be.

Where will you dreams take you? 
And what shoes will you be slipping your toes into?

Stay in Step with High Heeled Life ...


  1. Celia, I have worn high heels since my first pair of wedges when I was 13! I am only 5'3....heels are my passion..make me feel taller, thinner, prettier. Unfortunately, after standing on my feet for hours on end, year after year as a pastor, doing everything in heels--my feet can barely tolerate them now. So sad. I like your analogy of the shoes and life roles.
    My flats will walk me right through my new paths, new season.

  2. i love your shoe story! i am actually a shoe schizophrenic. i love both
    flats and heels.

    sorry you can no longer wear the high ones, but happy you have found
    such lovely flats.

  3. I love how shoes and walking or dancing in them serve as such great metaphors for living. Celia my dear, you have already begun to walk miles of inspiration for anyone who has fallen off their heels and needs to get up again. You are so strong and blessed with the ability to tell the story. THANK YOU so much for coming to visit and yes, I am on an adventure and I am going to tell about it in my poetry.


  4. My dreams... will take me back to teaching and heels. Flip flops had become my passion but there will come a day I can slip back into a favored pair of heels. They sit there, patiently waiting for me in a rainbow of colors. I adored this post!!

  5. Loved this. And I can relate...although I still buy high heels, my daily shoes are no longer that. Sigh.


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