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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pink & Red ~ What will you be wearing this Valentine's

Click  links below for full outfit and accessory details 
Red pants have been popping up everywhere, so I started with these fabulous Stella McCartney Ivy iconic trousers and soften the look with pinks and white. To me this is the perfect outfit for an evening out with your sweetheart, the girls or solo.

Do you mix Reds and Pinks?

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  1. I am not a "red" girl, so I will be sporting the pink this Thursday!

  2. Red is not a colour I usually wear but I have been admiring a few red dresses lately so I wouldn't be surprised if I add something red to my wardrobe soon or perhaps I'll start with accessories. I love the Chanel bag here and the petty pastel pink top.

  3. wow, this collection is awesome. I really love that jacket - very "chanel like" - subtle elegance for sure. And I did ask myself...self...why don't you have that Iphone cover already!! I have a few outfits that are red, I think the mix of red and pink you displayed here is lovely and would work on anyone. Thanks for visiting lately :)

  4. I did red print on pink ribbon for the Little Prince's teacher presents for tomorrow :O) Does that count?

  5. Gorgeously put together. I'm not really a red girl (apart from maybe lipstick and nail varnish), but I do love soft "sugar-almond" pink. However, how you have displayed the color combinations are convincing me to give it a whirl.
    Have a lovely day tomorrow Celia xx

  6. Never thought to match pink with red - cool. I love good red shoes and a red dress but not as much as little black dresses - which I'll be wearing tomorrow night! What are YOU wearing tomorrow?

  7. Dearest Celia,
    My Mom always LOVED red for clothes but I'm not that fond of it, do have some pieces with roses on; the romantic way I guess. In the psychology the color red has the meaning of asking for attention. That can work in different ways and one never knows.
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day together.
    We're so worn out from all the flood water that came into Pieter's work shop and also in the living room... Tiled floors yes but mopping up and even using the wet vac that needed to get emptied every 10-20 minutes was exhausting us. All night I stayed up, in-between scanning some 300 slides while I 'rested'... I had started scanning slides with my new scanner, using that with my laptop downstairs. You would laugh as it sits still on my ironing board, need to change it to the small table yet. But life goes on. No damage, just worn out and we have to improve our gutter system for getting the water away from the home. Near our bay window area they were just over flown in such way that it must cause problems. So much rain is not needed at once; over time it would be welcome.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Love the collage!
    I just picked up a pair of cherry red skinnies and it just so happens that I am planning on pairing them with one fabulous pair of bright pink stilettos! You must have been reading my mind!
    Hope you have a super sweet Valentine's Day!


  9. I have always wore red, since I am a Spring and Summer gal.
    I do mix red & pink, I never thought about doing it till I seen Paula Deen in a magazine where she had pink & red on. I loved it
    My hair is silver a two tone so I think I look good in red LOL
    I wish I could wear stilettos still like Lily above me

    Happy Valentines Day

  10. I love this color combo and may or may not be featuring it on the blog tom!!
    I'm wearing only the item on the bottom right this evening. SO KIDDING!!!!!!! LOL. xoxoxox Happy Valentine's Day my sweet friend!!

  11. I'm so loving this collection you pulled together! Have a fabulous weekend love!

  12. That purse and phone case are so cute!

  13. That sweater is adorable! xo


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