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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tea Corner ~ for Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching! and what better time to launch my little Tea Corner, in my creative area.

 This little darling teacup was discovered on my October trip to Paris, in a small side street boutique, while wandering through the Latin Quarter on my last day in Paris.

He bottom of the teacup reads:
Philippe Deshoulieres, above in a green stamping reads France surrounded by Porcelaine De Limoges.

The saucer is equally as beautiful; the rim is in a very pale cream colour with a slight indent in centre to cradle the teacup in white, with the a little bird perched on a gold bar surrounded by a decorative gold design. The design outside rim is adorned with garland of red and blue roses, with yellow and pink (looks like) daises. The bottom of the saucer has the same Philippe Deshoulieres and green stamp.

It also has a floral stamp  with the words Musee Des Arts Decoratifs * Paris* under the stamp reads:
"Songes du XV111eme"
 Decor d' Aeabesques d' un plafond attribue a Claude Audran 111 -vers 1720.
Paris Musee des Arts Decoratifs.

With the teacup handle to the left, a little monkey is playing an instrument to an adoring little bird.

The same garland found on the rim of the saucer is duplicated on the centre of the teacup forming a heart.

With the teacup handle to the right, another monkey is playing a guitar to an adoring bird.

A High Heeled gold boot with glittery red berries filled with Christmas red ornaments.

The tree is also decorated with little High Heels... here is a golden dancing slipper
(merci my friend Suburban Princess)

These cream velvet shoes are Marie Antoinette inspired....

And of course no creative (writing) area would be complete without an Nutcracker Shakespeare...

One of my favourite memories from my childhood in Portugal, is visiting my Mother in the city during Christmas holidays and accompanying her to the market where we purchased a real Christmas tree, about 3-4 ft tall, but when you are 4 years old and very petite it seems huge! Taking it back to her apartment in Lisbon and decorating it with cotton balls for snow. It was a simple tree, but oh how I love it!!

What is your favourite Childhood Christmas Memory?

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  1. Awww your little tea corner looks great! I knew you would find the perfect spot for the shoe!

  2. I adore your precious Tea Corner.

    As a child decorating the tree was the highlight of the season. With cocoa and cookies of course1

    Please Come and enter in My 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways. There are so many exciting & special Gifts! Tis the Season!


    Art by Karena

  3. How sweet! What a beautiful cup and saucer! It is gorgeous. I love your tea corner.


  4. Dearest Celia,

    Thanks for your visit and comment. My cough is not quite gone but I'm in general doing fine. Today will be a lazy day with daughter Liz, a dinner with our extended family at Ristorante da Maria tonight. Made popover pancakes for breakfast with lots of fresh berries and cherries from Costco. Saturday was a long day as we picked up Liz at the airport and got to bed by 1:00 AM... tired and emotional but very happy. Three Hearts for yesterday's post was on purpose!
    Oh, my childhood memory is going with Dad to the woods for finding moss to use for the nativity group. A special angel was hanging in the open space from the cupboard and the rest was lined with moss for placing the entire nativity. That was before the tree became popular but this was special. The angel hanging there and watching over the tiny baby-Jesus and all the moss...

    Love to you and hope you're both well. The weather has been for two days now lovely, tomorrow again as we plan to go to Atlanta.


  5. How I love your tea cup...I adore china! And your decor is divine! I have so many wonderful Christmas memories, most of them are with my Grandmother ~ this is the first year she is not able to make the trip from snowy Ontario, and many of those memories are flowing through my mind ~ I will be reliving them.
    Have a wonderful week,

  6. I love your tea corner! You teacup is lovely! And your butlers table is fab!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful corner you've put together for tea. The teacup you found in Paris is wonderful. I love the colors and fun pattern. Your high heels look good on the tree! Happy Tea Day!

  8. Love the tea cups! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love your little tea corner. The grapevine? high heeled boot is awesome. So neat. You tea cup is to die for. Love the little monkeys. Thanks for sharing. Ginger

  10. Love your tea corner! What a find in the teacup and saucer!

  11. Hello Celia,
    What a cute tea corner! Love the boot covered in berries. Your little teacup is a sweetheart and how nice that it's from your trip to Paris. I like Nutcrackers too and I have a few of them.
    I love your story about going with your mother to get a tree which was covered in cotton balls for snow! Great idea! Thank you for joining me for my Christmas Tea party and I hope you have a wonderful week. Wishing you a lovely Christmas season.

    Christmas blessings & hugs,

  12. Love the Tea Corner - what marvelous inspiration! My fave memory - that's a hard one because I have so many. Getting the tree was always fun (and cold); the holiday music; the amazing food; the bubbling lights on the tree - I think those were my favorite memories - waiting for them to get hot enough to bubble!

  13. Your tea corner inspires me to put up my second tree...which I deck out Paris style...but we promised to keep it simple this year...one tree :). Love the teacup. Just like the French, so ornate, something beautiful to greet you all the way around the cup and saucer. Sweet!

    Thanks for all your sweet comments. Hope your Christmas season is all you want it to be!

  14. What lovely pieces. I have never been to Paris - still a dream that needs to be fulfilled.
    Love all the shoe/boot decor! So apropos. :)
    My fave memory will always be that ridiculously eager.can barely sit through Xmas dinner. excitement over opening gifts. Oh to feel that again!

  15. Hi Celia,
    this tea set is very elegant and you have set it in this tea corner very pretty. The little tea wagon is charming and I adore your tea pot. The high heeles on the Christmas tree made me smile.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  16. What a lovely tea set. I like your tea corner. Pat

  17. I love the high-heeled gold boot! I've never seen one of those before. Your teacup is unique and very special. You have a lovely home.

  18. Too pretty tea things - the cup from Paris is really different! Love the graphics! Warm settings for a festive season! Slowly getting back to my blog reading - work is stealing all my time away since school started in September!! Concentrating on posting - hoping things change in the new year - need more creative inspiration!!


  19. My fancy my entire house my "tea corner" much to mr sweetology's dismay I am sure (although he never has indicated as such) :) I love the idea of a special spot for lovelies like this. That cup is so unique!! What a great memento of your final day in Paris, stunning.

  20. A tea corner...to remember childhood times and visits to France! Lovely cup, like the garlands on it. What a fun nutcracker too. Happy Advent~
    One of my fav childhood memories is getting up before dawn with my sister to wait for it to get light so we could wake our parents!


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