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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mother Nature Realizes Christmas is on its way...

Waking up at the HHL country home this morning, we were amazed at all the snow. Considering when we went to bed last night, it was damp, not to cool, and drizzly , much like an early Spring evening.

Even little Dolce was shocked ... hesitating before venturing outside...

His regular areas required extra sniffing ... and the snow was tickling his nose...

Here, I think he realized that soon boots and coats will become part of his morning outing again... 

Looking over to the veggie garden area

A view of the barn and soon to be pond area...

It really was like a winter wonderland looking out the garden doors, while enjoying the comforts of being warm inside.

IS IT SNOWING where you live?

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  1. What a beautiful sight to wake up to!

  2. Beautiful, Celia! No, it's not snowing here yet, but we're sure getting the rain today!

  3. Lovely! I think it is so beautiful to look at but I'm not a big fan of getting out in it! Having lived most of my life in Northwest Indiana, I somehow got all the snow I needed for this lifetime! HA

    No snow in Texas BUT we do get some. Last year we had enough snow and cold to close the schools for a week! Amazing considering in the Midwest THAT would have never happened.

  4. Not yet thankfully but it is colder with less sunshine.

  5. This is so beautiful!!!
    We don't have snow but it is very cold. In the 20s. The valley doesn't get snow like in the ski resorts. (i don't want snow this year. LOL)


  6. I would love love love to see that beautiful sight out my window on Christmas morn. It won't happen though since I live in sunny Florida. It's about 75 degrees right now and sunny...just beautiful, but definitely doesn't feel like December.


  7. So pretty! No it is not snowing where I live and hopefully not for awhile. Some years we don't even get any. A little freezing fog to deal with this morning so a careful drive to work. Just beautiful pictures.

  8. What a winter wonderland! No snow here, yet. Only cold and rainy. I'd much rather have the snow since it make for a prettier setting. Love little Dolce - what a cutie!

  9. A little Dolce! So cute. No snow here yet but they are talking about it. It's a little warm for me to believe them

  10. I love fresh snow! So gorgeous. It snowed in West MI a few weeks ago, but nothing stuck. It's in the forecast, of course! Thanks for sharing nature's beauty and always being such an incredible inspiration.

  11. Dearest Celia,

    Wow, what a winter wonderland indeed! Poor cute little Dolce, he looked so surprised indeed!
    We have had 24 C yesterday and today 22 C with some showers while we were in Atlanta but not bad. We're enjoying our time with Liz, however short but we do it intensely.
    Went to Costco today, to Neiman Marcus for lunch, to Trader Joe's and Tuesday Morning. She can't get over the prices you get her for super bargains compared to Rotterdam...
    Tomorrow we'll have a Bach Concert at lunch time so that will be special for this Advent season.
    Lots of love to you and thanks so much for your visit and comment. Stay warm!!!


  12. What beautiful snow shots! How delightful - to look at - not to clean up and drive in. Where are you - I'm in another South Jersey heat wave - made it to 60 degrees today!! Not complaining, though - me and cold don't get on well.

  13. the pictures are so crisp and refreshing...I love fresh snow like that. A clean slate.

  14. Hello from Long Island. Nope, no snow here just now. Thank the gods! Spent almost a thousand bucks last winter on snow removal, just so I could get out of my driveway and go to work. Would be happy with a "dusting" kind of snow this year instead... pretty but melts off the roads right away.

  15. Little Dolce is so cute!! No snow here yet, but getting colder each day this week. Maybe some by the weekend. Looks beautiful there!

  16. these pictures are beutiful.i live in east tn and we have not gotton snow yet.we have gotton alot of rain though

  17. Love that little peek at winter. Snow? Here? In Florida? No.never.ever...oh well. It was 75 and beautiful yesterday.
    Love our weather, but a little snow sure would be fun :)

  18. I woke up to a couple inches outside Memphis Wednesday morning. Such crazy weather but at least it didn't stick to the roads

  19. Your little Dolce is indeed a sweetie; I have a little Honey and a Biscuit. No snow here; when it gets to be 55 degrees they break out the Uggs. Ugh!

  20. Dear Celia, it is looking wonderful! I hope you still have snow. Ours has rained away. I hope it soon gets colder. At least before Christmas...:)



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