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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time & Pacing Myself and Making a New Friend

This past week has been a bit of a struggle for me – my energy level has been less than helpful, and as much as I have wanted to share with you some of the great experiences I have had I have not been able to focus and write. I have tried to stop by your blogs and keep up with you.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my blog buddies Suburban Princess (SP)– I encourage you to visit her blog – she is a very inspirational and creative person, and I have the honor of calling her my new friend.

To prepare for going into the city to meet SP, I had to make sure that my days prior to our tea, were as stress and energy draining free as possible. Not an easy task – as I had to convince Mr. G. that I was ready to attempt a city drive and social outing on my own. Together we worked on a “What If Plan” – he was comfortable with and I didn’t feel like a grade school student asking for permission. I may not have wanted to feel like a grade school student, but at tea our conversation and learning how many common interests we have and how similar our views are on things – it was like two college girls chatting away losing track of time.

Mr. G. pointed out I need to work on my pacing, as I went straight to bed when I reached home and have been feeling exhausted the past couple of days. I know he is right – but it was so nice to be independent for a few hours –  thought about the rainy weather, traffic and that daylight quickly turns to night was the furthest thing from my mind. Especially when the mention of Macaroons (like the ones from Laudree) came up … of course I had to part take. Oh, and as a side note – after the lecture on time and pacing was over Mr. G. enjoyed the spoils of city adventure … Macaroons and birthday gift.

Even though it took alot to make my outing happen - I am glad to have done it. I ended up meeting a great person- making a new friend. Her understanding and ability to put me at ease with her wit about my “moving car allergy”, really made my outing to the city.

images credit (google search) : Friend - desicomments.com Confused brain - litemide.com


  1. I had an awesome time with you! Thank you for coming down! I love than we talked for over 4 hours!
    I had one of my chocolates - YUM! I cant believe I forgot to blog about them!

  2. Well done you - you can feel proud of yourself. So glad it turned out well and you have a new friend - one of lifes treasures. xxx

  3. Thank you for sharing your inspirational stories. I loved the one about invisible disabilities, sometimes I wonder if I suffer from them as well...let's be honest, I do!; and as many quarks that I am obliged to have, some may be more than a disability at times. (do our partners count?) On a good note, glad that you and your new friend were able to help eachother out in a supportive and positive union. Keep at it, although it is a struggle to get back out there in the world again. Rome was not built in one day. I guess that's why there is chocolate; for us to tempt ourselves in the divine moments.
    take care all you survivors, let's keep on moving along and hold our heads up high no matter what disabilities we may have, partners or not.

  4. Thanks for sharing - so glad you were able to meet your new friend. As frustrating as technology can be to me sometimes, I have to say that I am so enjoying my blogging friendships!

  5. So happy you were able to have a special and successful day with your new friend in the city. Quite an accomplishment: driving, navigating,lunching, shopping, walking, being a pedestrian near city traffic, getting acquainted with someone new! Wow! Today you inspired me to keep pushing myself to do more. Thank you for your blog.

  6. So wonderful that you and SP met and spent some fun time together!


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