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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chocolate - Need I Say More

Thanks to my new friend at The Life of a Suburban Princess, who selflessly shared that The Chocolate Ball Gala was taking place in Vaughan, Mr. G and I were in chocolate heaven for a couple of hours. Thus  I dedicate this post to Suburban Princess, and wish that next year she too will be able to indulge in all the chocolate delights!

The Chocolate Ball in Vaughan was in support of Vaughan in Motion to Cure Cancer. It was an amazing evening of Chocolate, Silent Auction and Entertainment!
There were so many great Chocolate Sponsors - that I have to admit I was a little too busy indulging to take pictures. But, here are a few pics I'm sure you'll salivate over  enjoy! :)
I couldn't resist taking a picture of the goodies offered up by Chocolate Concepts, the chocolate cake creations can be filled like a Piñata - and its contents revealed when you cut into the cake. I especially fell head over heels for the 2 tier cake with the shoe on top (its all edible!!!), imagine a SATC after-party, for the upcoming movie, with your closest friends. It was a real pleasure to meet Liliana the Chef of these delicious creations, and who encouraged me to sample and sample and sample until the right size was found (I'm still sampling). Contact Liliana for more information, these delights are sure to keep everyone talking about your next function for a long time afterwards.

Everything from - roasted beef tenderlion with rosemary, chocolate and cranberry sauce, to braised beef ribs with a BBQ Lindt chocolate sauce over green apple potato pancake accompanied by chocolate cavier, to nutty chocolate salmon kept our taste buds waiting for the next explosion of chocolate creation.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the very passionate Chef for Life Is An Event, she was serving up Grand Marnier soaked strawberries, dipped in chocolate ... can you say YUMMY! and the best was the hand rolled truffles ... no machine can compare to the passion and love put in these delights - by a human hand rolling them. Sorry to busy sampling and chatting to take pictures. But just picture the juiciest, freshest strawberries covered in chocolate and the most delectable, smooth morsels of chocolate balls.

Desserts of Distinction (dolcini) was truly the highlight of my evening, the chef started out the evening with small pieces of white chocolate, which evolved into flowers and by the end of the evening this was the final creation. What a great centre piece for a dessert table at a shower, wedding or just because you deserve it!

Check out the website or contact  this creative artist via email.

I would also like to extend a Thank You - to Alfa Capuccino Imports/ Espresso.com , who graciously allowed people the use of chairs at their Reserved table, to rest. I know for me it was the difference between leaving the event early and getting to stay to enjoy the entertainment.

The Chocolate Ball Gala offers 2 additional events in the GTA - check it out here, so hopefully one is close to you. It is a must attend for any Chocolate Aficionado or beginner.


  1. Looks like a great event! I'm glad you got to go! Thanks for taking pics so I can enjoy it too!

  2. As a chocoholic, this post is sending me into chocolate-heaven! The pump on top of the cake looks so beautiful!

  3. Hello there dear cuisinière!!! Thank you for coming by and soaking up some ideas for gardening! I just went out to till my boulevard garden and it is looking so good; the thyme is budding its little pink flowers and it is going to be gorgeous!!!

    You are always welcome for a cup of tea, sitting back and relaxing and a chat.

    Happy Mother's Day! Anita

  4. I can see you are having a blast in Paris!!!!
    Happy mother's day beautiful. Thank you for all your sweet visits :)
    Gros bisous

  5. Hi - just found you. I loved your Paris posts . I went in October and it looks as if we did similar things. Pop over when you have a mo and have a read. You have a great blog. xxx

  6. A Chocolate Ball?? What a great idea!! Maybe I should have some kind of Chocolate Charity Party?? Afterall, who wouldn't want to go to that?? ;-) Thanks for the idea Dear!


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