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Monday, May 3, 2010

Paris – Day 4

Today was “ME” day!!! I woke up to birds chirping and a beautiful warm day! My ankle seemed to be doing much better, the meds I took certainly needed to work overtime today, after all Chanel’s original boutique was waiting my visit, and that would be followed by Afternoon Tea at The Ritz!!! What more could a woman ask for?

After breakfast at the hotel, our first to do was to find a gift to take home to our doggies. We were surprised in a city that loves and welcomes doggies, we had not come across a Pet Boutique – thankfully Paris Breakfast (if you have not visited her blog - it a must visit  for all things French and she does amazing art work that can include you or your pet in Paris scenes) had been kind enough to share this location with us “Un Chien Dans Le Marais”.

The man inside was very helpful and we decided on a hoodie for little Dolce. Unfortunately everything was too small for Stella – she is a Golden Lab – we were disappointed to learn there really were no other Doggie Boutiques in the area. But don’t worry, when we returned home we went to our favorite doggie store Bark n Fitz and got Stella some of her favorite treats, she is a bit of a tomboy and prefers treats to accessories anyways.

Another taxi ride later, we were in front of the Ritz – but it was not time yet, we (well I) had to walk around and see the back door that Coco herself would have used, and of course I could hardly wait to step inside the original Chanel Boutique – I was like a little girl, grinning smile - from ear to ear, who has just been told she can have a second scoop of ice-cream.

Inside it felt like I had just stepped into a mystical place. The layout was that of other Chanel boutiques I have been in, but the energy was different. I could picture Coco making sure that everything was properly displayed – her energy has truly remained in this boutique. The sales associate was so friendly and helpful – as I sprayed practically every fragrance, for Mr. G to smell and give his opinion. By the time we were done sniffing and spraying an array of scent strips lay before us. After more discussion and process of elimination with the SA’s help – it was narrowed down to 3 – Allure Sensuelle, Coco Chanel and Chanel No. 5. – After, more discussion, spraying and sniffing the decision was unanimous – Allure for day; Coco for evening. I really liked No. 5 too, but wasn’t about to be greedy after all Mr. G was already spoiling me with 2 fragrances.

Unlike the SA lady at Hermes (a separate post to follow), the Chanel SA package my purchase with great care and added the little flower and two ribbons on the bag adding that extra special touch. With bag in hand I practically floated to the Ritz.

Wow, where to start, Afternoon Tea at the Ritz is a truly memorable experience! It was a beautiful warm day and we were seated in the garden. A pianist played softly in the background, birds chirped and you really felt like you were in a magical place. As, if this was not special enough, we were informed that the desserts were served from a “Dessert Buffet” and you could go up as often as you desired.

The staff was very attentive and when the sand glass timer released the last grain of sand, they appeared like magic to pour our tea. Cozies were placed over the tea pots to keep its delicate, precious contents warm.

Despite all the wonderment of the day, when I got up to indulge in dessert, my ankle quickly reminded me of its existence – the meds were wearing off – Mr. G caught my wince and before I knew it we were in a taxi, headed back to our hotel (but not before I had my dessert - sorry no pictures of the dessert buffet. I will need to return to Paris and the Ritz). Once I was tucked in and given another round of meds, Mr. G. decided to let me rest peacefully (no TV volume to contend with) and went off to explore the area around the hotel.

After some much needed rest I woke up feeling a bit hungry, Mr. G. had discovered a little Italian restaurant just a couple of minutes from the hotel, on his exploration mission. Ristoranti Italiano Visconti, quaint and inviting – on the first floor there are 4-5 tables; weather permitting an additional 2 tables are placed El Fresco just outside the entrance, upstairs is more seating. The wait staff is friendly and speaks French, Italian, English and Spanish.

The menu offers a great selection. Mr. G. indulged in a veal, and a pasta dish (I think he was suffering from Italian food withdrawals). I chose a Caprese salad and the tiger shrimp dish. The atmosphere is relaxed and you are able to enjoy your meal at your own pace.

If you are looking for a well priced, exceptional food quality restaurant, I suggest you give Visconti a try. Tell Enzo and Luciano Canada says hello.

Come along tomorrow as I share our visit to Versailles and the Eiffel Tower.


  1. OMG I almost had a heart attack at the thought of being dragged away before getting dessert! Hopefully he loaded up a plate for you!

  2. I am loving your trip to Paris! And Allure is the best. Love that fragrance. Excellent taste you have. Can't wait to read about the Eiffel Tower and Versailles.

  3. It sounds fantastic and you had a beautiful weather . In the south France, well known for its sun , it is raining and it is cold

  4. Good lord I am tingling reading your Paris posts - especially this one.. It all sounds wonderful. Did you have to book ahead for tea at the Ritz? I would love to do that when we go next year - and as for a visit to Chanel? A must! x

  5. Amazing story. your trip was so fun!
    Wonderful places...Thank you for linking up :)

  6. I am so happy for you. You sound like you are on cloud 9 and you SO deserve it. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!!

  7. Love this:)
    Thank you for linking up :)


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