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Friday, May 21, 2010

Mutlitasking --- what was that again?

Last week when speaking with my Bestie E; she could tell that I was drained, so despite not being one to go near a stove she offered to simplify things for me in regards to Mr.G’s birthday on Sunday. She would take care of everything from the birthday cake to the dinner – all I had to do was show up at her and D’s home on Saturday evening, with Mr. G of course. So, the pressure of trying to figure out a restaurant was off – as cooking a surprise dinner, when the recipient has to supervise your use of the stove and often help in the prep, loses the element of surprise!

As, the week came to a close and Saturday approached, my energy was hitting the low warning signal much like the gas level indicator on a car letting you know that you are operating on reserve, who really knows how much that is? E had been very specific not to bring anything … but I can’t show up to anyone’s house for dinner empty handed – it just doesn’t feel right. So, I managed to make my way to a local plant shop. I just wanted in and out – but, it seemed like every person wanted to tell me about the plants in their garden and how best to plant Blah Blah Blah… Don’t get me wrong on an energy filled day I would be a very appreciative and listening audience. Finally escaping without my head spinning like a possessed demon and beautiful plant in hand, I was on my way home. Now all that was left was to wrap it – you can’t just hand someone a plant in a pot.

To my surprise Mr. G was almost ready and we would need to depart soon, so I pulled out some wrapping materials and set about wrapping the plant. It took me a few tries as my right arm was not cooperating – and although Mr. G. offered multiple times to give me a hand- I was determined to complete it on my own. So, with a few colourful words and much frustration later it was wrapped. I placed it on the table so I would not forget it.

Our little Dolce was all set to go too! After all, his little four legged playmate Daisy was waiting his arrival. So with Dolce securely in his doggie car seat (yes, they have them … doggies need to travel safe too!) we set off.

Yes, you guessed it the plant remained behind on the table. I didn’t realize it had been left behind until we were just about at their home and I started to play in my head the process of getting out of the car – what had to come inside with us, who would take Dolce in, etc. I was horrified that they had gone to all the trouble of preparing a nice birthday evening for Mr. G. and here we were showing up empty handed. Of, course when I explained … Bestie E, completely understood and kept telling me not to worry.

For anyone else out there, who is going through a whole adjustment in life and multi-tasking has become a distant memory, know you are not alone. People say to me "oh I forget all the time" to try and make me feel better - but it doesn't. Perhaps they do forget, but that challenge has developed over time for them, for people with ABI and other trauma related matters - it happened overnight - and compounded with the frustration of any emotional or physical challenge, it quickly magnifies itself to being unbearable.
We had a wonderful evening … Thanks E & D (for understanding my forgetfullness), and Daisy too! for a great evening. I hope I can keep the plant alive until we see them again, for now it will sit on our side patio. But I did remember to mail out the Thank you note.


  1. Hello there dearest! Thank you for visiting with me and checking up on Mrs. Robinson! Have a magical weekend, Anita

  2. Nothing can beat a real best friend! And that plant all wrapped up so pretty is perfect!

  3. Awww it's too bad you couldn't have it delivered the next day :O( That's what besties are for - to understand! One of mine is late for everything...it has become a joke at this point :O)

    All the times I said 'oh jeez that's my whole life'...I wasn't trying to make you feel better...it's the truth!

  4. you are such an inspiration to me.

    and what a precious friend you have!

  5. Don't worry about it....The ones who love you understand. I loved what you wrote about invisible disabilities. I think that the ones that are silent are the ones that suffer the most. I am glad that you are not the one whining everywhere to everybody. You have class. We will always meet rude people who don't understand that it is not about people disability about about them, their heart...How they treat others....Have a great week end and glad to be your friend and thank you for all your visits :)

  6. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult this has been for you Sophia. A lot of people would have given up, wouldn't be fighting to get their life back on track. I really admire your determination.

    Your point about people who are now forgetting things having it happen gradually rather than suddenly really hit me. Barry and I both struggle with forgetting things .. for me it's usually in the middle of a sentence ... but I did that when I was 18 too ... too much going on in my head.

    Do you remember what I said in my post about being inspired by my fellow bloggers? You are definitely one of my biggest inspirations.

    This coming week is supposed to be amazing weather wise. I hope you get a chance to enjoy it.

  7. Sounds like you have a wonderful friend! I DO understand everything you wrote in this post, and know it is so hard. I am sorry you forgot your plant, but happy that you had a wonderful birthday dinner. I hear ya on the hitting the wall aspect of the fatigue, too, I often curse at my body for not keeping up to speed with what my mind wants ... I feel your pain. Hope this week is better for you and sunshine sends some energy and restoration!

  8. This is what best friends are for : understanding you and you have a great friend!
    I'm happy to hear that you all had a wonderful time...it's what counts...
    Hope you feel good this start of the week...
    Sending you sunny vibrations from Andalusia..


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