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Friday, February 1, 2013

My Kinda Skiing ...

While winter loving people are beyond happy with all the snow that has decided to descend upon us lately, and are busy planning their week-end adventures to the nearest ski hill, this girl is happy to stay in where it's warm.

At The Ski Lodge by highheeledlife click to view full outfit details

This my dear friends does not mean I would stay home - Nope! There is a different kinda skiing ... Apres Skiing , and that is definitely my kinda skiing. Kicking back at the chalet in front of toasting warm fire, sipping a Monte Cristo coffee or a hot chocolate with a kick. No worrying about frost bite, broken legs or any other body part for that matter. Even furbabies are happy to joined in.

What's your  kinda of skiing?

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  1. I think we are two peas from the same pod! After tearing a few too many ligaments one year up at Mt. Saint Anne, I decided that skiing would be more of a spectator sport for me! I will meet you at the chalet with hot chocolate in hand!!

  2. Me too, me too, me too.
    Love the outfit !
    I love Bogner anywhere, they have the best stretch pants on the world.

  3. Dearest Celia,
    Sure, let's sit somewhere nice and toasty warm. No more trying to break bones as they are becoming brittle anyway. That time is over for me.
    Hugs to you,

  4. You are speaking my language!! That is my type of skiing too. xo

  5. Dear Celia,
    I used to downhill ski all the time when I was younger. Now, it's just too cold and it's no fun when I have to keep taking all that gear off to use the restroom after every jaunt down the hill! lol. So, I agree with you...sipping hot cocoa in the warm and cozy lodge is just right for me! I love your outfit picture....xoxo.

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