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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day - Spread Love and Kindeness

As the commercialized day of romance approaches, how will you spend the day? The pressure of giving or anticipation of receiving the "perfect gift" or planning the perfect day can send both singles and couples into a state of anxiety, stress and depression. Some will try to brush off the day by saying, "Oh Valentine's is no big deal..." but the reality is we are human - and as humans we all want to be loved and cherished. 

Valentine's Day should be about expressing the love and appreciation you have in your heart for others - with no expectation of "what you will get". So you see it doesn't matter if you are single or in a relationship.

Here are some tips to spread kindness and love this Valentine's Day:

1) Show Yourself Some Appreciation ~ making time for our self allows us to recharge our energy. On the 14th plan a couple hours of pampering, be it at a spa or in the comfort of your own bathroom.

2) Be Cupid ~ volunteer at a shelter, lets those in need know they are valued and not alone - you cared enough to be there for them.

3) Visit ~ visit an elderly relative, neighbor and let them know how special they are.

4) A Meal with Friends ~ whether you are single or your sweetheart is unavailable, plan a special meal IN with friends. In today's world we have lost a bit of the value/benefit of getting together at home with friends. Plan a pot-luck- meal (food can be home-cooked or a pre-made dish of a favourite restaurant, to share) and enjoy an evening catching up.

5) Return to Simpler Times ~ make a pack with your loved one that any gift for Valentine's cannot be purchased. How about a handwritten letter expressing how the other makes you feel special; cooking a meal together; taking a walk; just sitting and talking (perhaps over a cup of tea).

6) Send a Handwritten Message ~ let loved ones and friends (especially children) know you care with a handwritten letter, telling them how they make your life a little better, by being in it. Or personalize a commercial card with a handwritten paragraph or two.

How will you be spreading Love and Kindness this Valentine's Day?


  1. Celia,
    This is such a pretty post. I love your suggestions. One of the nice things you do is to send handwritten letters, which I have really enjoyed.
    My father has some serious surgery on Valentine's Day this year, so I will be at the hospital waiting and visiting.
    I hope you have received my package by now and that it arrived in good condition.

  2. Beautiful post ... Lovely. Sending you Valentine's wishes.

    Here is (slightly less sweet) guide to the holiday.


  3. Dearest Celia,
    We are fortunate for being invited by long-time friends of ours. This end of summer will mark our 30th anniversary of friendship. Can you imagine how time passes? But we certainly do look forward to a dinner at Ristorante da Maria, delicious food by Lady Chef (friend) Maria. Wish only that Maria could have some time off to be good to herself... she needs some pampering time but running two restaurants is tough.
    We are lucky for finding some quiet and relaxing time.
    Hugs to you and stay warm and cozy together.

  4. We won't do anything really special to celebrate the day since we live it all the time. We opted awhile back to treat it like any other day. Since it falls on a Thursday, our official day off together, we might go to a movie but if not we'll stay in, eat a candlelight dinner, dance to slow old songs, and... well that, my dear, is none of your biz!!

  5. I don't think we're doing anything special this year but as always, I have a little chocolate goodness for the kiddos. I spread love EVERY DAY!! Running out of it actually. Lol!

  6. Valentines Day was always just my sisters birthday until I got engaged then all of a sudden it was a holiday. Being a person who is allergic to many flowers and is too chunky to want lots of chocolates. We do a very simple holiday making valentines day more about our relationship then about gifts. We work to add romance and spice that week - new bed time gifts, nighties ect and for the day of I always try to plan a new special meal.
    Gifts are left for minor thoughtful items, this year I bought my hubby some new salts and lotions for his cracked feet. It may not scream love like a rose but he loves it more.

  7. I'm not into VDay - so much pressure! IMO it's for single people.
    I will be running around as usual, working away, getting kids to and from school and taking the Little Prince to his soccer lessons.

    I hope you have the VDay you hope for!


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